List of Happy Tree Friends episodes

List of Happy Tree Friends episodes

This is a list of the "Happy Tree Friends" Internet and TV episodes. There are 3 seasons so far for the Internet shorts with different animators and 13 episodes for the first season of the TV series, each half hour episode split into 3 seven minute episodes, giving the first season 13 episode with 39 episode segment. After the end of the first television season there had been discussions by the creators of a second season. But according to writer Ken Pontac, a second TV season is not currently being worked on and has not been planned yet as of now. A spin-off called Ka-Pow! debuted on September 2008.

Internet Shorts Seasons

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*There are only two episodes (both of which are internet shorts) that no character dies in, although their fates are incredibly painful. These two episodes are "Nuttin' But the Tooth" and "Out on a Limb".
*All episode names in the Happy Tree Friends series are either puns of everyday phrases and/or a little bit of wordplay is involved with the name.
*"Asbestos I Can Do", the Easter Egg episode, and Intiminate Spotlight are the only HTF episodes that do not have pain, death and destruction in it. Although in Intimate Spotlight the interviewer swears at her camera crew and Cro-Marmot, further expanding the fact that HTF is an adult cartoon
*In "Blast From the Past" Sniffles did kill himself at the beginning of the episode. However, this was not his past self, but his future self at the end of the episode, thus not causing a paradox and erasing this event (and Pilot episode) from history to begin with.
*Sniffles caused a total of eight time line changes in "Blast From the Past".
*Since Sniffles erased all his previous attempts at keeping the group alive, the plane should not have been there.
*The phrase "Blast From the Past" has been used in countless other Television shows.
*"From A to Zoo", "And the Kitchen Sink", "Ipso Fatso", "Doggone it", "Concrete Solution", "Sea What I Found" (Original version on iTunes as well), "Who's to Flame", "Every Litter Bit Hurts", "As You Wish", and "Gems the Breaks" where edited into two parters for the iTunes Podcast versions.
*"Keepin' it Reel" and "See What Develops", including "Nuttin' Wrong with Candy" and "Wishy Washy", as well as "Sucker For Love, Pt.1", and "Concrete Solution",also "Better Off Bread",and "Blast From The Past" are the only episodes that have the same moral.

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