Nocturne (Doctor Who audio)

Nocturne (Doctor Who audio)

series="Doctor Who"
featuring=Seventh Doctor Ace Hex

writer=Dan Abnett
director=John Ainsworth
producer=Sharon Gosling, Gary Russell
executive_producer=Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery
set_between="No Man's Land" and "The Dark Husband"
length=2 hr 25 mins
date=February 2007|

"Nocturne" is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series "Doctor Who".


On the human colony planet Nocturne, there is suffering and blight, tragic symptoms of an ages-old war. Never the less, Nocturne is also one of the Doctor's favourite places in all of time and space, because it is here that a late, great flowering of human art - the High Renaissance - is taking place.

He has been back here, many times. It is a place of music and art which he finds inspirational and uplifting. It is a place he wants to share with Ace and Hex. It's always been a safe haven for him, a world of friends and laughter.

But with strict Martial Law imposed on the front-line city, and the brutal scourge of interstellar warfare vicing the system, how safe can anyone really be?

There is a note of death in the wild, midnight wind...


*The DoctorSylvester McCoy
*AceSophie Aldred
*HexPhilip Olivier
*Korbin Thessinger — Trevor Bannister
*Will Alloran — Paul David-Gough
*Lothar Ragpole — Eric Potts
*Lilian Dillane — Ann Rye
*Cate Reeney — Helen Kay

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