Starlight is a common word for the light emitted by stars, more specifically stars other than the Sun; light emitted by the Sun is called sunlight. Starlight on a clear moonless night provides illumination of approximately 0.001 candella per square meter.

Other uses of this term:


* Starlight Information Visualization System, visual analysis software application
* Starlight problem, an objection to Young-Earth Creationism


In the United States:
* Starlight Theatre (Kansas City)
* Starlight Theatre (Waterford, Michigan)
* The Starlight, the former name of a music venue in Fort Collins, Colorado



* Starlight (song), by the English band Muse
* Starlight, by the french band The Supermen Lovers
* "Starlight Express", a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber
* Starlight Express a song from the musical with the same name.
* Starlight Sequence, a song from Starlight Express.
* StarLight Live, a concert series/world tour by Cantopop singer, Joey Yung

Film and television

* "Starlight" (TV series), a 1930s BBC Television programme
* The Sailor Starlights, characters in the "Sailor Moon" metaseries
* "Touching Starlight", 1996 Chinese film

* "StaRLit"written and directored by floatingbottle


* Starlight (comics), Dr. Tania Belinsky (former Red Guardian III), a character from the Marvel Universe
* Natasha Irons, codename "Starlight", a DC Comics character


* Starlight (anthology series), a series of science fiction and fantasy anthologies edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
* Starlight (fairy tale), attributed to Henriette-Julie de Murat
* "Starlight (Warriors)", the fourth in the "Warriors: The New Prophecy" novel series by Erin Hunter

Other uses

* Starlight, Indiana, a small town in the United States
* The Coast Starlight, an Amtrak train that runs between Seattle and Los Angeles daily
* A slang term for a Vodka Redbull
* Starlight, an editorial, publishing branch of the Italian manga, fumetti company Star Comics (Italy)

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