Blast Off (Transformers)

Blast Off (Transformers)

Blast Off is the name of a fictional character in the Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
name =Blast Off

caption =
affiliation =Decepticon
subgroup =Combaticons
function =Space Warrior
partner =
motto ="I destroy Autobots by choice, not command."
alternatemodes =Space Shuttle
series =

voiceby =Milt Jamin
Although Blast Off appears to be a cruel and ruthless opponent to the Autobots and a snob to his fellow Combaticons, he is in reality somewhat lonely, as his missions in space shuttle mode leave him feeling isolated. Combines with fellow Combaticons to form Bruticus.

Animated series

Blast Off debuted in the second season episode, "Starscream's Brigade". In the episode, Starscream is banished from Decepticon Headquarters after his latest attempt on Megatron's life. He is sent to the island of Guadalcanal where he discovers old World War II vehicles. Starscream decides to use these to build his own army. He raids a Decepticon detention center on Cybertron and steals the personality components of several renegade Decepticons. Blast Off is placed in an old WWII bomber and the body is reformatted into a space shuttle.

Blast Off's personality shows him being aristocratic. He speaks with sort of a British accent. His ionic blaster disrupts the electrical system's on his targets. In the series, Blast Off often became the right arm of Bruticus, with his wings becoming the chest plate. On the toy, however, the chest was a separate piece.

After Bruticus is defeated by Menasor, Megatron banished Starscream and the Combaticons from Earth and sent to a distant asteroid. Starscream abandons the Combaticons on the asteroid and flies off into space. Blast Off later tows the entire asteroid to Cybertron, where the Combaticons defeat Shockwave and take over the planet. The Combaticons attempt to exact revenge on Megatron by using the space bridge to alter Earth's orbit, sending it towards the Sun. The plot fails and Megatron captures and reprograms the Combaticons to obey him.

Blast Off was later involved in a Decepticon plot to capture the Middle East oil fields. Early in the episode, Blast Off shoots down Slingshot forcing the Autobots to retreat. In order to prove that the Decepticons were stealing planes for their operation, Slingshot and Skydive remain in a hangar in their jet modes. The Arabian planenappers disassemble the two Aerialbots and store their parts in laundry trucks. Blast Off opens the truck to inspect the parts, but orders them scrapped when Slingshot fakes a short circuit. Later on, the Aerialbots arrive on the scene and the Decepticons use their new jet drones to attack them. Blast Off is assigned three of these jets. However, these drones proved to be no match for the Aerialbots and are destroyed.

Later in the third season, Blast Off comes into contact with a Scuxxoid, who was seen shooting a weird weapon. The alien tells him that the weapon uses Death Crystals, a powerful energy source that grows on a monster names Chaos. Blast Off and Runamuck decide to test the weapon on the Autobot Sky Lynx, punching holes into his armor, forcing the Autobots to retreat.

Blast Off made various other appearances as a member of the Combaticons, throughout the remainder of the series, as well as in the Japanese series

Marvel Comics

Blast Off debuted in issue #24, "Afterdeath". In this issue, Megatron and the Combaticons are battling Optimus Prime and Protectobots near a computer lab. A human named, Ethan Zachary convinces the robots to settle their dispute in a video game. They agreed on the condition that whichever side lost, their leader was destroyed in the real world. The object of the game was to destroy the leader of the group. The Combaticons and Protectobots were sent to different levels of the game. In each scenario, the Combaticons would lose and the Protectobots would win. This allowed them to merge into Defensor and destroy the virtual Megatron. However, Megatron uses a cheat code to reenter the game. Optimus defeats Megatron again, but this time he allows innocent lives to perish. Feeling guilty, Optimus forfeits the game and orders himself destroyed.

Later on, Blast Off is knocked unconscious during a battle between the Combaticons and the Protectobots. The Protectobots had been attempting to apprehend the "renegade" Autobot, Blaster. Together the Autobots defeat the Combaticons. Blaster and several earth kids use an unconscious and mode locked Blast Off to escape into space.

Dreamwave Productions

Dreamwave Productions' 21st century re-imagining of the Generation 1 universe took its inspiration for the Combaticons from the original animated series, casting them as Decepticon prisoners who were reduced to protoform stasis because they were too dangerous to be released.

Onslaught, Brawl, Blast Off and Vortex originally appeared as part of Shockwave's attack on Iacon in the first War Within series. At the same time Swindle was with Starscream, Motormaster, Runabout and Runamuck after Starscream head sent Megatron and Optimus Prime down further into the depths of Cybertron.

Later, when Optimus Prime led a rebellion against Shockwave's domination of Cybertron in 2003, Starscream took the opportunity to form a power base, taking the protoform Combaticons to Earth and outfitting them with new alternate modes taken from an abandoned military base, then leading them in an attack on the Ark in order to acquire parts to make the Decepticon space cruiser, the Nemesis, spaceworthy. Confronted in battle by Brawn, Bruticus was caught in an explosion as Ratchet self-destructed the Ark, but he survived the conflagration, only to be knocked out by artillery fire from an incoming Autobot shuttle. After a battle with the evil clone, Sunstorm, Brawn opted to work out some of his stress on Bruticus's unconscious body, punching the gestalt about the head until his comrades yelled at him to stop. Bruticus would return, battling Sky Lynx for Starscream's amusement - until the Predacons appeared in their combined form of Predaking. The two gestalts battled as Starscream fled and Bruticus lost. The ultimate fate of the Combaticons in the Dreamwave universe was not revealed, due to the company's closure.


*Generation 1 Blastoff (1986):The Blast Off figure was recolored and redistributed in the G2 toyline.:The Blast Off figure was recolored and redistributed in the RID toyline and was renamed Movor.

Transformers: Energon

Blast Off was the Japanese name for "Energon" Blackout, who transformed into an attack helicopter.

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