Bulgarian coup d'état of 1923

Bulgarian coup d'état of 1923

The Bulgarian coup d'état of 1923, also known as the 9 June coup d'état ( _bg. Деветоюнски преврат, "Devetoyunski prevrat"), was a coup d'état in Bulgaria implemented by armed forces under General Ivan Valkov's Military Union on the eve of 9 June 1923. Hestitantly legitimated by a decree of Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria, it overthrew the government of the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union headed by Aleksandar Stamboliyski and replaced it with one under Aleksandar Tsankov.

In several places, the coup met with the opposition of agrarian activists and individual communist volunteers, an event known in Bulgarian historiography as the June Uprising. The uprising was largely unorganized in its essence, lacking a common leadership and a nation-wide radius of action. Despite large-scale revolutionary activity by the rebels around Pleven (which they managed to capture), Pazardzhik and Shumen, it was quickly crushed by the new government.

The Bulgarian Communist Party did not take part in the June Uprising, as it regarded both the uprising and the coup as "struggle for power between the urban and rural bourgeoisie". The party preferred a stance of neutrality; however, under Comintern pressure, it organized the unsuccessful September Uprising later in 1923.



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