Asian Canadian

Asian Canadian

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group = Canadians of Asian descent

poptime = 3,509,950
11.2% of Canadian population (2006 census) [ [] (Visible Minority Groups (15), Immigrant Status and Period of Immigration (9), Age Groups (10) and Sex (3) for the Population of Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2006 Census - 20% Sample Data)]
popplace = British Columbia (Vancouver), southern Ontario, Montréal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, most major Canadian cities
langs = English, French, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Tagalog, Tamil, Urdu, Vietnamese, others
rels = Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Shinto, Sikhism , others

Canadians of Asian ancestry comprise the largest visible minority in Canada, at 11% of the Canadian population, and is the fastest growing. Most "Asian Canadians" are concentrated in the urban areas of southern Ontario, the Greater Vancouver area, Montreal, and other large Canadian cities. In North America, the term Asian refers to people with ancestry in the Far East and South Asia. According to the Statistics Canada in 2006, East Asian and Southeast Asian population is 7%, South Asian population is 4%, and West Asians make up the rest of the total Asian population.


Canada has a long history of asian immigration over the past 100 years. During the 19th century, many Chinese arrived to take part in the construction of Canadian Pacific Railway. The Chinese who came from Guangdong Province, blasted and chiseled the treacherous western stretch of railway through the Canadian Rockies. Japanese also had arrived in the 1890s and became fishermen and merchants in British Columbia. A large wave of Vietnamese came as refugees to Canada during and after the Vietnam War. When the day Hong Kong reverts to the Chinese Mainland rule, Hong Kong emigrants have found new homes in Canada. Many Hong Kong emigrants set up their businesses in the growing commerical districts and fueled the real estate market. In recent decades, large number of Indians from South Asia, have came to Canada. Due to their trade skills and English ability, many Indians were abled to come to Canada. Today Asian Canadians is a significant minority and over 3 millions asians called Canada their home.


* Chinese Canadians (1,216,565) - the largest Asian-Canadian subgroup, the eighth-largest ethnicity in all of Canada.
* Indo-Canadians (962,670)
* Nepali Canadians (3,780)
* Filipino Canadians (437,940) [ [ Slide 1 ] ]
* Vietnamese-Canadians (151,410)
* Lebanese Canadians (143,630)
* Korean-Canadians (141,890)
* Iranian-Canadians (88,225)
* Japanese-Canadians (81,300)
* Pakistani-Canadians (80,000)
* Afghan Canadians (26,000)
* Laotian-Canadians (18,659)

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* "For more Asian Canadians of Chinese ancestry, see Chinese Canadians."
* "For more Asian Canadians specifically of Taiwanese ancestry, see Taiwanese Canadians."


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* [ Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada]
* [ 2001 demographics from Statistics Canada]
* [ Information for South Asians and Indians in Canada]

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