Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

name= Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

imagesize= 43.75 x 56.25
motto= Non Nobis Solum"Not For Ourselves Alone."
streetaddress= 730 Eglinton Avenue West
city= Toronto
province= Ontario
postalcode= M5N 1B9
areacode= 416
phone= 393-1860
fax= 393-9195
schoolboard= TDSB
superintendent=Rauda Dickinson
trustee= Josh Matlow
principal= Peggy Aitchison
viceprincipal= Ron Felsen
Faz Khan
schooltype= High School
grades= 9-12
language= English
mascot= Falcons
colours= Blue and Gold
founded= 1946

Forest Hill Collegiate Institute (FHCI) is a semestered public high school of about 900 students and 55 teachers located in Toronto, Ontario. It is part of the Toronto District School Board.

History and Overview


Forest Hill CI has a strong academic reputation in Toronto. About 95% of Forest Hill graduates go on to post-secondary schools with most attending university. The courses offered at Forest Hill depend on grade year, and prerequisite courses. The departments are as follows: Art, Business, Computer Science, English, English as Second Language, Geography, History, Math, Moderns, Music, Physical Education, and Science. The school's ESL program is known as one of the best in Toronto, with the school having a very high percentage of non-Canadian born students.
* [ FHCI Home Page]

tudent Leadership

*School PrefectsAt FHCI there is a tradition of strong student participation and leadership. This tradition goes back to the school's inception. The Prefects are a group of mature and responsible students of good academic standing. Prefects provide enormous support to the staff and administration of Forest Hill and represent the student body in the eyes of the community. Elections for these positions are held in the spring for the following year. Teachers and current prefects vote on who will be elected as a prefect. As a recent tradition, twenty-five (25) Prefects are usually selected. However, in years where teachers find it extremely difficult to narrow the field to twenty-five, a few more are chosen.

*Student CouncilThe Student Council executive is selected each spring for the next year following election campaigns and assemblies. Executives positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Internal Affairs liaison, External Affairs liaison and Head Senator. The Student Council is responsible for carrying out and planning activities such as Hillstock (see below).

*Music DirectorateA body of students committed to the management of Music related activities. Positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Band Representative, Strings Representative, Vocal Representative, Stage Crew Manager, Student Council liaison and Members At Large.


The school has a series of several traditions. Examples Include
*Hillstock: A celebration/party for students and staff to celebrate the near end of a school year. Students usually receive year books on this day. It is tradition that the Student Council plans Hillstock, while the Prefects assist during its operations.
*Prom taking place on the last Thursday of May, with Hillstock occurring the day after
*Commencement (graduation) taking place on the Thursday before the week of Thanksgiving in October
*United Way Week and The Funky Dance Marathon


FHCI is a Tier One team in the Toronto District. The Falcons are a hockey powerhouse in Toronto and they are traditionally ranked in the Toronto Star top 10. The Falcons are the defending tier two Varsity Badminton champions. Recently, they have become runner-ups for Senior Basketball, and Varsity Baseball. They have a rugby team, as well as a junior football team, started in the 2007/2008 school year. The 2007 Varsity Baseball team finished the regular season undefeated with a record of 5 wins, no losses and a tie. The 2007 version of the falcons varsity baseball team captured their first title in years, beating Lawrence Park in the tier II division finals. The 2008 Falcons Varsity hockey team is one of the top ranked teams in Toronto with a near perfect record.

Famous alumni

* [ Aleksandr Kuternin] , national cross country and track & field runner; and record holder
*Lorne Michaels, Saturday Night Live producer
*Sharon Fichman, tennis player
*Michael Lansberg, television personality
*Lisi Harrison, author
*Dr. Allan Zeldman, Chronic Illness Specialist, Psychologist, author
*Kenneth Hotz and Spencer Rice of Kenny vs. Spenny, Canadian comedy reality TV duo
*Aubrey Graham, actor and rapper
*Ira Basen, CBC Radio Host
*Ron Singer, candidate for Mayor of Toronto in 2003 and 2006
*Vladimir Kuljanin, Canadian National Basketball Team, NC Wilmington (Small Forward)

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