Aubusson, Creuse

Aubusson, Creuse

French commune
name= Aubusson
mayor=Michel Moine
intercomm=Communauté de communes Aubusson-Felletin
alt moy=512 m
alt mini= 416 m
alt maxi= 608 m
hectares= 1,921
dens= 243

Aubusson (in Occitan "Lo Buçon" or "Le Buçon, Le Beçon") is a commune in the Creuse department of the Limousin region in central France.


Aubusson is situated in the southern part of the "département", at the confluence of the Creuse River and the Beauze.


Aubusson has existed at least since the Gallo-Roman period. [Dominique Dussot. Archeological Map of Gaul - The Creuse. Academy Académie des inscriptions et belles lettres. Paris 1989.] . The Camp des Châtres, within the town’s boundaries, for a long time considered a Roman fort, actually dates back a little further, to the Iron Age.

The town was known as "Albuciensis" in 936 and under the name " Albuconis" in 1070. The name possibly originates from a name of a man, Albucius [Marcel Villoutreix, The names of places of the Limousin, history of a region, Association des Antiquités Historiques du Limousin, p 61, Dismiss 2002.] Other scholars claim the name is from a Celtic word meaning " craggy".



It is well-known for its tapestry and carpets, which have been famous throughout the world since the 14th century. Its origins were born with the arrival of weavers from Flanders, who took refuge in Aubusson around 1580. There is a famous collection of Aubusson tapestries at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. The style of the tapestries produced has changed through the centuries, from scenes of green landscapes through to hunting scenes. In the 17th Century, the Aubusson and Felletin workshops were given "Royal Appointment" status. A downturn in fortunes came after the French revolution and the arrival of wallpaper. However, tapestry made something of a comeback during the 1930s, with artists such as Cocteau, Dufy, Dali, Braque, Calder and Picasso being invited to Aubusson to express themselves through the medium of wool. Aubusson tapestry still thrives today, preserving a range of traditional skills.

[ Tapestry]

Places to visit

Musée Départemental de la Tapisserie

Created in 1981, the museum exhibits nearly 600 years of tapestry creation and production. This rich collection is composed of 17th, 18th and 19th Century tapestries and carpets. As well as works from its own collection, there are also regular exhibitions of tapestries from around the world, showcasing works right up to the present day.

Centre Culturel Jean Lurcat, Avenue des Lissiers

Maison du Tapissier

This is a permanent exhibition that is staged in an ancient Creusois house in Aubusson. The interior tells the history and traditions of tapestry as well as showing furniture of the period.

Historical Monuments

* The Clock Tower
* The old town (ancient buildings)
* Sainte-Croix church
* Ruins of the chateau (also called le Chapitre)


In the medieval period, Aubusson was a vice-county. Its rulers were:

*Ranulf I ?-934
*Robert I 934-942
*Renaud I 942-958 (son of Ranulf I)
*Ranulf II Cabridel 958-1031
*Ranulf III 1031-1060
*Renaud III 1060-1069
*William I 1069-1106
*Renaud IV 1106-?
*Renaud V The Leper ?-1185
*Guy I 1185- ?
*Renaud VI ?-1249
*Ranulf V 1249-c. 1265
*William II (heir) 1263, lord of La Borne, La Feuillade, Monteil-au-Vicomte, Poux, Pintarion and Damoiseau (1317), started a noble line that continued with his son Renaud VIII (1317-1353) and his successors.c.1263/1266 the vice-county was sold to the count of La Marche.

People associated with Aubusson

* Jules Sandeau (19 feb 1811, 24 april 1883), member of the Académie française
* Alfred Assollant (20 mar 1827, 3 mar 1886), Children’s author – “The Adventures of Capitain Corcoran”. He was a notable opponent of Napoleon III.
*Camille Benassy , born 25 Feb 1887 at Le Monteil-au-Vicomte , died 26 May 1958 at
*Royère-de-Vassivière. Mayor of Aubusson but also a national politician.

ee also

* Communes of the Creuse département


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