Human (disambiguation)

Human (disambiguation)

Human may refer to
*any member of the "Homo" genus (since ca. 2.5 million years)
**Human taxonomy
**"Homo sapiens" (modern humans), the only surviving species of "Homo".
***archaic Homo sapiens (since ca. 200,000 years)
*** "Homo sapiens idaltu" (ca. 160,000 years ago)
*** "Homo sapiens sapiens palestinus" (Cro-Magnon, since ca. 40,000 years ago)
**Human evolution
**List of human evolution fossils
*Human appearance
**Human variability
*Human behavior
*Human condition
**Human nature
**Human self-reflection

The human race in a variety of fictional contexts

* Human (Babylon 5), the human race in the fictional world of "Babylon 5"
* Human (Dragon Ball), the human race in the fictional world of the three "Dragon Ball" series
* Human (Dungeons & Dragons), the human race in the fictional world of "Dungeons & Dragons"
* Humans (Noon Universe), the human race in the novels of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky"
* Human (Star Trek), the human race in the fictional world of "Star Trek"
* Human (Jak and Daxter), the human race in the fictional world of "Jak and Daxter"
* Human (Star Wars), the human race in the fictional world of "Star Wars"
* "Humans" (novel), the second book in Robert J. Sawyer's trilogy "The Neanderthal Parallax"

In music


* Human (band), a death metal/grindcore band from New Zealand
* Humans (band), a new wave band from Santa Cruz, California

ongs and singles

* "Human" (song), a song by Human League
* "Human" (Skye Sweetnam song), a 2007 single by Skye Sweetnam
* "Human", a song by the Danish synth-pop band Carpark North
* "Human", a 2007 single by Jon McLaughlin
* "Human", a song by The Music from their 2003 album "The Music" (album)
*, a 2008 single by The Killers


* "Human" (Brandy album), a 2008 album by American singer Brandy
* "Human" (Death album), a 1991 album by the death metal band Death
* "Human" (Gary Numan album), a 1995 album by Gary Numan and Michael R. Smith
* "Human" (Rod Stewart album), a 2001 album by Rod Stewart.
* "Human Being" (album), an album by the musician Seal

Record labels

* Human Condition Records
* Human Imprint
* Human Recordings


* Human, Ukraine, a town in southern Ukraine
* Human Head Studios, an American computer and video game company
* Human Entertainment, a former Japanese computer and video game company
* "The Humans", a computer puzzle game by GameTek
* "Humans", a Season 2 Episode of Zoboomafoo

ee also

*List of alternative names for the human species
*Inhumans, the Marvel comic team
*Human scale

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