List of Washington initiatives to the people

List of Washington initiatives to the people

This is a list of all initiatives to the people that have appeared before Washington voters from 1914 to 2007, listed by number, subject, and result. (A) indicates the initiative was approved; (R) indicates it was rejected. "See also List of Washington initiatives to the legislature."


*3, regarding alcohol prohibition (A)
*6, regarding the Blue Sky Law (securities regulation) (R)
*7, abolishing the Bureau of Inspection (R)
*8, abolishing Employment Offices (A)
*9, regarding first aid to the injured (R)
*10, regarding convict labor (R)
*13, regarding the Eight-Hour Law (working hours) (R)


*18, regarding the Brewers' Hotel (R)


*40, regarding the poll tax (A)
*46, regarding the "30-10" school plan (R)


*49, regarding compulsory school attendance (R)
*50, limiting taxation (R)
*52, regarding electric power (R)


*57, regarding legislative redistricting (A)


*58, regarding permanent registration (A)
*61, regarding intoxicating liquors (A)
*62, creating a Department of Game (A)
*64, setting a tax limit of 40 mills (A)
*69, regarding an income tax (A)


*77, regarding fishing and fish traps (A)
*94, regarding a tax limit of 40 mills (A)


*101, regarding civil service (R)
*114, regarding a tax limit of 40 mills (A)
*115, regarding old-age pensions (R)
*119, regarding production for use (R)


*126, establishing nonpartisan election of school boards (A)
*129, regarding a tax limit of 40 mills (A)
*130, regarding the regulation of labor disputes (R)


*139, regarding public utility district bonds (R)
*141, regarding old-age pensions (A)


*151, liberalizing old-age assistance laws (R)


*157, regarding old-age assistance (R)
*158, regarding old-age assistance (R)


*166, regarding public utility districts (R)


*169, paying a bonus to veterans of World War II (A)
*171, regarding the serving of liquor by the drink (A)
*172, liberalizing Social Security laws (A)


*176, raising public assistance grants to a minimum of $65/month (R)
*178, modifying the Citizens' Security Act and transferring the public assistance medical program to the state Department of Health (A)


*180, allowing the manufacture, sale, and use of colored margarine (A)
*181, establishing the statewide observance of standard time (A)
*184, liberalizing old-age pension laws (R)


*188, raising standards for chiropractic examinations (R)
*192, regulating commercial salmon fishing (R)
*193, establishing the statewide observance of daylight saving time (R)
*194, restricting television ads for alcoholic beverages (R)


*198, regarding employer-employee relations (R)
*199, regarding legislative redistricting (A)


*202, restricting labor agreements (R)


*205, authorizing liquor in taverns (R)
*207, regarding civil service for state employees (A)
*208, authorizing joint tenancy in real property (A)
*210, establishing the statewide observance of daylight saving time (A)


*211, regarding legislative redistricting (R)


*215, the Marine Recreation Land Act (A)


*226, allowing cities to share sales and use taxes (R)
*229, repealing the Sunday Activities Blue Law (A)
*233, repealing the Freight Train Crew Law (A)


*242, establishing drivers' implied consent to intoxication tests (A)
*245, reducing maximum retail service charges (A)


*251, regulating the imposition of taxes (R)
*256, prohibiting certain nonrefundable beverage receptacles (bottle deposit) (R)


*258, allowing greyhound racing in certain cities (R)
*261, regarding liquor sales by retailers (R)
*276, mandating disclosure of campaign finance information and lobbying activity (A)


*282, limiting state elected officials' and judges' salary increases to 5.5% over 1965 and 1972 levels, respecitvely (A)


*314, establishing a 12% corporate excise tax on income to reduce or eliminate special school levies (R)
*316, mandating the death penalty in the case of aggravated first-degree murder (A)


*322, outlawing fluoridation of public water supplies (R)
*325, restricting the future construction of nuclear power facilities (R)


*335, outlawing businesses engaged in regular public display of pornographic films or sale of pornographic publications (A)
*345, exempting most food products from sales tax (A)
*348, repealing the new variable motor vehicle fuel tax and reinstating the old one (R)


*350, prohibiting forced school busing, with limited exceptions (A)


*383, banning non-medical radioactive wastes generated outside Washington (A). Later declared unconstitutional.


*394, requiring voter approval before issuance of bonds for major public utility energy projects (A)
*402, abolishing inheritance and gift taxes and limiting state estate taxes to the federal estate tax credit allowed (A)


*412, setting the maximum interest rate on retail sales at the higher of 12% or 1% over the federal funds rate (R)
*414, requiring a minimum five-cent refund on sales of beer, malt, and carbonated beverage containers (bottle deposit) (R)
*435, replacing sales taxes on food and business and occupation taxes with corporate franchise taxes on net income (R)


*456, petitioning Congress to decommercialize steelhead and enacting state policies respecting Indian rights and management of natural resources (A)
*464, exempting the value of trade-ins from selling price on which sales tax is calculated (A)
*471, outlawing public funding of abortions except to prevent the death of the pregnant woman or her unborn child (R)


*518, increasing the state minimum wage from $2.30 to $3.85 and then to $4.25 (A)


*547, implementing state growth and environmental protection goals by local comprehensive land use planning and development fees (R)


*553, setting term limits on the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, on state legislators, and on members of the United States Congress (R)
*559, setting property values for tax purposes at the January 1, 1985 value or subsequent sales price, adjusted for cost of living changes (R)


*573, setting term limits for certain offices (A)


*593, establishing the three-strikes law, mandating that criminals who are convicted of "most serious offenses" on three occasions be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole (A)
*601, limiting state spending by inflation rates and population growth, and subjecting taxes exceeding the limit to referendum (A)
*602, limiting state spending and tax collection by a factor based on personal income, and repealing certain taxes (R)


*607, licensing denturists to make and sell dentures to the public (A)


*640, establishing state fishing regulations in order to ensure certain survival rates for non-targeted catch, and prioritizing commercial and recreational fisheries (R)
*651, allowing unrestricted gambling on Indian lands (R)


*655, outlawing the taking, hunting, or attracting of black bears with bait and the hunting of bears, cougars, bobcat, and lynx with dogs (A)
*670, requiring the placement of a ballot notice next to the names of certain candidates who do not support Congressional term limits (R)
*671, allowing limited electronic gambling on Indian lands for tribal government purposes (R)


*673, regarding the regulation of health insurance plans (R)
*676, requiring trigger locks on handguns and handgun safety licenses (R)
*677, prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation (R)
*678, licensing dental hygienists to perform certain services without the supervision of a dentist (R)
*685, allowing the medical use of certain illegal drugs (R)


*688, increasing the state minimum wage from $4.90 to $5.70 and then to $6.50, and afterwards annually adjusting it for inflation (A)
*692, allowing the medical use of marijuana (A)
*694, outlawing partial-birth abortion except when necessary to prevent the pregnant woman's death (R)


*695, lowering motor vehicle excise tax (license tab fees) to $30 per year, requiring voter approval be required for any tax increase, and repealing existing vehicle taxes (A) Later declared unconstitutional.
*696, outlawing commercial net, troll, and trawl fishing, except for tribal fisheries (R)


*713, outlawing certain body-gripping animal traps and the poisoning of animals with sodium fluoroacetate or sodium cyanide (A)
*722, repealing certain 1999 taxes, exempting vehicles from property taxes, and limiting annual property tax increases to 2% (A) Later declared unconstitutional.
*728, reducing class sizes, extending learning programs, expanding teacher training, and constructing school facilities (A)
*729, authorizing charter schools (R)
*732, establishing annual cost-of-living salary raises for public school teachers (A)
*745, earmarking 90% of transportation funds, including transit taxes, for roads, requiring transportation agency performance audits, and exempting road construction and maintenance from sales tax (R)


*747, limiting annual property tax increases to 1% unless approved by the voters (A) Court overturned 2006.
*773, imposing additional taxes on cigarettes and wholesale tobacco products, to be spent on expanded health care services for low-income persons (A)
*775, creating a "home care quality authority" to regulate home care of the elderly and disabled (A)


*776, setting license tab fees at $30 per year for motor vehicles, and repealing certain other vehicle excise taxes and transportation fees (A)
*790, placing management of the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system, plan 2, in a board of trustees (A)


*841, repealing existing state ergonomics regulations and prohibiting the adoption of new regulations until a uniform federal standard is required (A)


*872, enacting a qualifying primary election system whereby the two candidates with the most votes advance to the general election regardless of party (A)
*884, increasing the sales tax by 1% to create an education trust fund (R)
*892, authorizing "electronic scratch ticket machines" (slot machines) in non-tribal establishments, part of the revenue generated being used to reduce property tax (R)


*900, expanding the power of the state auditor to do more performance audits and drawing money from the general fund to pay for another layer of audits. (A)
*901, prohibiting smoking in buildings and vehicles open to the public and places of employment, including areas within 25 feet of doorways and ventilation openings. (A)
*912, rolling back a key component (the gas tax) of the 2005 transportation funding package, which the Legislature passed to improve road safety and relieve congestion. (R)


* 920, repealing Washington State estate taxes. (R)
* 933, concerning government regulation of private property, would have compensated property owners when regulations damage the use or value of private property. It would have forbidden further legal restrictions of private property use, and provided exceptions or payments. (R)
* 937, concerning energy use by electrical utilities, required large electric utilities to increase energy conservation and renewable energy use. (A)


*960, requiring a supermajority in the Legislature to raise taxes and fees. (A)


*985, would open high-occupancy vehicle lanes to all traffic during specified hours, require traffic light synchronization, increase roadside assistance funding, and dedicate certain taxes, fines, tolls and other revenues to traffic-flow purposes.
*1000, concerns allowing certain terminally ill competent adults to obtain lethal prescriptions.
*1029, concerns long-term care services for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

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