Stem rust (barley)

Stem rust (barley)

Stem rust is a fungal disease of barley caused by "Puccinia graminis" f.sp. "tritici" and "Puccinia graminis" f.sp. "secalis".cite book
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Leaf rust is characterized by large pustules that are oval to elongated and are often surrounded by a characteristic torn margin. The red rust or summer spore stage (uredinia) is evident on stems, leaf sheaths, glumes, awns, and leaves as elongate pustules containing reddish brown spore masses which fall away easily. The black rust or autumn spore stage (telia) looks like the red stage except for the black color, but do not dislodge.

Disease cycle

Stem rust survives the summer mainly on volunteer wheat, barley, triticale and some grasses including common wheat grass and barley grass. Barberry species ("Berberis vulgaris". "B. canadensis", "B. fendleri") serve as an alternate host for "Puccinia graminis".

Spores are spread by wind to susceptible hosts. High humidity and heavy dew favour development of the disease which develops rapidly at temperatures near 20°C. Disease development s markedly reduced by temperatures below 15°C and above 40°C.

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Research articles

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