Contemporary Pragmatism

Contemporary Pragmatism

Contemporary Pragmatism (CP) is an interdisciplinary, international, academic journal for discussions of applying pragmatism, broadly understood, to today's issues. The journal will consider articles about pragmatism written from the standpoint of any tradition and perspective, but it concentrates on original explorations of pragmatism and pragmatism's relations with humanism, naturalism, and analytic philosophy. The journal welcomes both pragmatism-inspired research and criticisms of pragmatism. It does not consider submissions that principally interpret or critique historical figures of American philosophy, although applications of past thought to contemporary issues are sought. Contributions may deal with current issues in any field of philosophical inquiry. CP encourages interdisciplinary efforts, establishing bridges between pragmatic philosophy and, for example, theology, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, medicine, economics, political science, or international relations.

Contemporary Pragmatism

The journal was founded in 2004 and is published by Rodopi.
CP is published biannually in June and December.



ISSN: 1572-3429


Mitchell Aboulafia, The Juilliard School, USA
John R. Shook, Center for Inquiry Transnational, Buffalo, New York, USA

Assistant Editor

Russ Pryba, University at Buffalo, USA

Editorial Board

Susana de Castro Amaral, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Randall Auxier, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA
James Bohman, Saint Louis University, USA
Richard J. Bernstein, New School University, USA
Randall Dipert, University at Buffalo
Pascal Engel, Université Paris IV - Sorbonne, France
Jose Miguel Esteban, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexico
Nancy Frankenberry, Dartmouth College, USA
Nancy Fraser, New School University, USA
Jim Garrison, Virginia Tech University, USA
Paulo Ghiraldelli, Jr., Centro de Estudos em Filosofia Americana, Brazil
Eddie Glaude, Princeton University, USA
Russell Goodman, University of New Mexico, USA
Susan Haack, University of Miami, USA
Jürgen Habermas, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany
Leoni Henning, Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Brazil
Susan Hurley, University of Warwick, Great Britain
Hans Joas, University of Erfurt, Germany; University of Chicago, USA
Robert Kane, University of Texas, USA
Paul Kurtz, Center for Inquiry Transnational, USA
John Lachs, Vanderbilt University, USA
Alvaro Marquez-Fernandez, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela
Joseph Margolis, Temple University, USA
James Marshall, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Glenn McGee, Center for Medical Ethics Research, Albany Medical Center, USA
Floyd Merrell, Purdue University, USA
Cheryl Misak, University of Toronto, Canada
Lucius Outlaw, Jr., Vanderbilt University, USA
Michael Peters, University of Auckland, Australia; University of Glasgow, Scotland
Huw Price, University of Sydney, Australia
Hilary Putnam, Harvard University, USA
Bjørn Ramberg, University of Oslo, Norway
Mike Sandbothe, Aalborg University, Denmark
Dmitri Shalin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Jeffrey Stout, Princeton University, USA
Claudine Tiercelin, L'Université de Paris-XII, France
Celal Türer, Erciyes University, Turkey
Bas van Fraassen, Princeton University, USA
Marcus Vinícius da Cunha, Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
Cornel West, Princeton University, USA

Affiliated Society

Contemporary Pragmatism is affiliated with the International Pragmatism Society.

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