List of army units called Guards

List of army units called Guards

Past and present army and paramilitary units whose names include the word guard in various languages include:-
* Australian New Guard paramilitary political organisation during the 1930s and the Australian Defence Force's Federation Guard ceremonial unit.
* British Guards Division
* Bulgarian National Guards Unit, a company-sized unit which provides escort to the President.
* Foot Guards, which see for a list
* Garde du Corps, a Prussian formation until 1918
* Grand Ducal Guard a military of Luxembourg company from 1945 to 1966
* Guard Jaeger Regiment, a modern-day Finnish military unit
* Guard of Finland, a military unit of the Grand Duchy of Finland
* Home Guard, which see for a list
* Horse Guards, which see for a list
* Iron Guard a Rumanian paramilitary political organisation
* Knesset Guard (Hebrew: Mishmar HaKnesset) responsible for the security of the Knesset building and the protection of its members (MKs).
* National Guard, which see for a list
* Notrim, a Jewish police force set up in the British Mandate of Palestine.
* Royal Guard, which see for a list
* Republican Guard, which see for a list
* Presidential Regiment of the Russian Federation, the current term for the Kremlin guards
* Red Guards, socialist or communist militia formed to instigate, support, or defend Communist revolutions
* Serbian Army Guard, elite military unit of Serbian Army used for special duties.
* Singapore Guards, elite Singapore infantry unit used for special operations
* Swiss Guard, Swiss mercenary soldiers who served as guards at foreign European courts
* United States National Guard, the reserve component of the United States Army
* Varangian Guard, Vikings who served under the Byzantine emperor
* "White Guard" was a name used by others for some of the forces of the White movement in the Russian civil war.
* White Guard, part of the White Army of the 1918 Finnish Civil War.

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