The Paniyaram is made by steaming batter — traditionally made from pulses (specifically black lentils) and rice using a mold. This is similar to Idli and Dosa from Tamil Nadu.

Paniyarams are some times made sweet.

One doesn't usually find it in restaurants, as it takes a long time to make. Also, has to be eaten warm to get the best taste. Some forms of sweet paniyarams though taste good even when cold. Paniyarams used to be made for ating on long distance trips (more than 24 hours travel) in former times - without the use of a a refrigerator.

Paniyaram (like Appam) can be a be the centre of good source of attraction in those restaurants and parties where the Chef can cook and talk to the customers.

A Panayaram pan usually comes with 7 holes. Special 'Chokka' (coloquiel for Shirt) Paniyarms are usually sweet and are doughnut shaped. The pan for sweet Chokka Paniyaram comes with just 3 holes (for 3 pieces). Each of the 3 holes have one post each to create the hole for the doughnut shape. Turning the second side for cooking and ensuring the doughnut shape properly needs more practice.

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