Far Away Eyes

Far Away Eyes

Infobox Song
Name = Far Away Eyes
Artist = The Rolling Stones
Album = Some Girls
Released= June 9, 1978

track_no = 6
Recorded = October-December 1977
Genre = Rock
Length = 4m:24s
Writer = Jagger/Richards
Label = Rolling Stones/Virgin
Producer = The Glimmer Twins
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prev = "Lies"
prev_no = 5
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"Far Away Eyes" is the sixth track from rock and roll band the Rolling Stones' 1978 album "Some Girls".

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards collaborated extensively on writing the song and it was recorded in late 1977. A bootleg version with Keith singing exists. The Stones, longtime country music fans, incorporated many aspects of Bakersfield-style country music into this song. These included in particular Ron Wood's use of a pedal steel guitar for a solo and highlights, an instrument used on other songs from the album like "Shattered" and "When the Whip Comes Down". Also of note is the plodding rhythm of Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman. Richards performed acoustic and electric guitars as well as sharing duties on the piano with Jagger.

In the lyrics, the lowliness of life and the possibilities in finding love are dealt with:

The verses of the song are half sung, half spoken, with Jagger using a parodic Southern American English accent:

In a 1978 interview with "Rolling Stone" magazine, Jagger said, "You know, when you drive through Bakersfield on a Sunday morning or Sunday evening - I did that about six months ago - all the country music radio stations start broadcasting black gospel services live from L.A. And that's what the song refers to. But the song's really about driving alone, listening to the radio." On influences, Jagger stated "I wouldn't say this song was influenced specifically by Gram (Parsons). That idea of country music played slightly tongue in cheek - Gram had that in 'Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man', and we have that sardonic quality, too." Asked by the interviewer if the girl in the song was a real one, Jagger replied, "Yeah, she's real, she's a real girl."

The Rolling Stones have performed "Far Away Eyes" sporadically since its introduction to their canon of work, most recently on the A Bigger Bang Tour in 2006. A captured performance appears on the 2008 live album "Shine a Light".

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* [http://www.rollingstones.com/discog/index.php?v=so&a=1&id=215 Complete official lyrics]

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