Flag (disambiguation)

Flag (disambiguation)

A flag is a colored cloth with a specified meaning.

Flag may also refer to:

In computers:
* Flag (computing), a true/false, on/off or open/closed indicator (boolean variable)
* FLAGS register (computing), a CPU register on x86 systems
* Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe, an undersea fiber optic cable

In mathematics
* Flag (geometry), part of a polygon, polyhedron or higher polytope
* Flag (linear algebra), an increasing sequence of subspaces of a vector space

In biology
* FLAG-tag, a unique epitope added to proteins in biochemistry
* Blue Flag Iris, or Flag, a popular wild or cultivated flower
* Purple Flag, a name for Patersonia, an Australian flower

In the arts:
* "Flag" (anime), a series by Kazuo Terada
* Flag (lighting), an object used to block light
* Flag (note), a part of a note value in music notation
* "Flag" (James Taylor album)
* "Flag" (Yello album)
* "The Flag", an album by Rick James
* Foundation for Law And Government, a fictitious law-enforcement agency in the television show "Knight Rider"

In other uses:
* Flag (Scientology), Flag Land Base, the Church of Scientology's religious retreat in Florida, US
* Flags (sport), a beach sport played in surf lifesaver training
* A type of bet offered by UK bookmakers
* Flagstone, a large flat stone used for paving, fencing, or roofing
* Flemish Aerospace Group, an industry trade organization

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