Rapture (disambiguation)

Rapture (disambiguation)

Rapture may refer to:

In religion:

* Rapture, a predicted event in certain systems of Christian eschatology
* Rapture (Buddhism), a common translation of the Pali word, "piti", which is a factor of meditative absorption

In literature:

* "Rapture" (book), book by David S. Sosnowski
* "The Rapture" ("Doctor Who" audio), Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the British science fiction television series "Doctor Who"
* "The Rapture" ("Left Behind"), the fifteenth book in the "Left Behind" series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

In music:

* "Rapture of the Deep", 2005 album by Deep Purple
* "Rapture" (album), 1986 album by Anita Baker
* Rapture (band), Finland-based doom metal band
* "Rapture" (Bradley Joseph album), 1997 album by Bradley Joseph
* "Rapture" (Dragonlord album), the first album by the Black metal band Dragonlord
* "Rapture" (Hurt), song by metal band Hurt
* "Rapture" ("Morbid Angel"), the opening track from Morbid Angel's album "Covenant"
* "Rapture" (song), 1980 hit single by Blondie
* Rapture (iiO song), 2001 single by New York City-based trance duo iiO
* The Rapture (band), New York City-based rock band
* "The Rapture" (album), album by Siouxsie and the Banshees
* "As Rapture Comes", album by the death metal band Grave
* "Rapture of the Deep", a song on the 2007 Delta-S album "Voyage to Isis"
* "Rapture", a song on Senses Fail's 2006 release "Still Searching"In television:

* "Rapture" ("DS9" episode), fifth season episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
* "Rapture" ("Battlestar Galactica"), an episode of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica
* Rapture TV, UK television station

In other media:

* Rapture, fictitious underwater city from the video game "BioShock"
* Rapture (comics), supporting character in Image Comics "Savage Dragon" comic book series
* "The Rapture" (film), 1991 film starring Mimi Rogers
* Rapture (film, 1965), 1965 film starring Dean Stockwell with musical score by Georges Delerue
* Rapture (video game) is codename for Square Enix's upcoming MMORPG video game.

In other fields:
* Rapture (engine), the proprietary engine of Iron Realms Entertainment which handles networking issues and supports C-like script
* Rapture of the deep, reversible alteration in consciousness producing a state similar to alcohol intoxication in scuba divers at depth

ee also

* Raptus
* Rupture

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