Alternative press (U.S. political right)

Alternative press (U.S. political right)

Under the broad heading of the alternative press are several subcategories including periodicals published by groups, movements, or individuals affiliated with the U.S. political right. As the word press implies, these are printed publications, as opposed to electronic forms of alternative media. This list also excludes widely circulated daily newspapers primarily consumed for non-political coverage, such as "The Washington Times", the "Wall Street Journal", or the "New Hampshire Union Leader".

As with the Left, the American Right encompasses an enormous spectrum of sometimes conflicting ideological schools, core issues, and orientation toward populist versus academic sensibilities. Libertarians, notably, reject the traditional left-right spectrum altogether, although it has been customary to link them to the U.S. right due to their parallel acceptance of liberal economics and anticommunism.

As such, the inclusion of any particular publication on this list may be controversial in certain quarters. The editorial page of the mainstream "Wall Street Journal" and the contents of the print edition of William F. Buckley, Jr.'s "National Review" are often used as proxies for the views of the conventional, national political right, though they are rejected by various regional or intellectual spheres.


*"American Free Press" (Started by former "Spotlight" staff)
*"Campus Report"
*"Hawaii Free Press"
*"Human Events"
*"The Idaho Observer"
*"The Wanderer"
*"The Spotlight" (defunct)

Magazines and journals

*"American Opinion" (defunct)
*"The American Conservative"
*"The American Enterprise"
*"The American Interest"
*"American Outlook" (defunct)
*"American Renaissance"
*"The American Spectator"
*"Claremont Review of Books"
*"Conservative Digest"
*"Crisis Magazine"
*"First Things"
*"Hillsdale Review"
*"Insight on the News" (defunct)
*"Intercollegiate Review"
*"Modern Age"
*"The National Interest"
*"The New American"
*"New Atlantis"
*"The New Criterion"
*"Policy Review"
*"The Public Interest"
*"The Salisbury Review"
*"The University Bookman"
*"World Magazine"
*"The World & I"
*"The Weekly Standard"


*"American Sentinel" Briefly published as "Pink Sheet on the Left". Publisher: [ Phillips International] (Thomas L. Phillips).
*"Christian Anti-Communism Crusade Newsletter"
*"The Limbaugh Letter"
*"Phyllis Schlafly Report"
*"Young America's Foundation's Libertas"

tudent publications

*Collegiate Network (CN), a network of nearly 100 student papers, including:
**"California Patriot"
**"Cornell Review"
**"Dartmouth Review"
**"Harvard Salient"
**"Irvine Review"
**"Lincoln Park Statesman"
**"Michigan Review"
**"Princeton Tory"
**"Wabash Commentary"

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