Bakr bin Laden

Bakr bin Laden

Bakr bin Laden is the chairman of the Jeddah-based Saudi Binladin Group, and a half-brother of FBI Most Wanted man Osama Bin Laden. He is currently the largest majority shareholder in the Group, with 23.58% holding [ [] ,, Saudi Binladin Group profile.]

A major power broker in the Saudi business capital, Bakr tends to keep a low profile: "We have a mayor and all kinds of political heavyweights. But the true ruler of Jeddah is Bakr bin Laden," said an informer for a piece in German magazine "Der Spiegel" who agreed to speak only under condition of anonymity. "But Bakr is never seen in public, and when he does occasionally go to the Intercontinental Hotel for dinner -- sometimes with Osama's son Abdullah [The name of son referred to, Abdallah Osama bin Laden, is variously spelled as Abdullah] -- he has the entire restaurant closed." [cite web
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