Bob Powell Anthology

Bob Powell Anthology

Dedicated to the open source community, the Bob Powell Anthology is a collection of recordings of over 60 original songs by Bob Powell spanning a 25 year period. It begins in 1975 with "Mississippi Mud" and ends in 2001 with "A Day at the Races with I Claudius Rip Off Number One". Mastered by Powell and Tom Grimley, former Moog synthesizer player with The Rentals between 2002 and 2003, the songs are not chronologically ordered, but are merely arranged to paint a landscape of musical folklore. Released to the public on the Internet Archive freely as open source audio (more correctly referred to as free content or open content), it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

Pretzel Head Trilogy

Pretzel Head is Part One of Pretzel Head Trilogy by Bob Powell, released in the year 2001 as open source audio. Mastered by Tom Grimley. It is now Part One of Bob Powell Anthology.

Leftover Noodles is Part Three of Pretzel Head Trilogy by Bob Powell, released in the year 2003 as open source audio. It is now Part 3 of Bob Powell Anthology.

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