Quinn Morgendorffer

Quinn Morgendorffer

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caption = Quinn Morgendorffer, in a scene from "Is It Fall Yet?"
portrayer = Wendy Hoopes (voice)
creator = Glenn Eichler
gender = Female
first = "Esteemsters" (1997)
last = "Is It College Yet?" (2002)
age = 16 ½ (by the end of series)
occupation = Student at Laundale High.
alias = N/A
family = Helen Morgendorffer (mother)
Jake Morgendorffer (father)
Daria Morgendorffer (sister)
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children =
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Quinn Morgendorffer is a fictional character on the MTV animated series "Daria".


Quinn is the younger sister of Daria and a freshman (later sophomore and junior) at Lawndale High School (previously Highland). At the age of 14½ years, Quinn was the chief nemesis for Daria for the bulk of the series. The polar opposite of Daria, Quinn was perky, popular, and attractive in the eyes of her fellow classmates, much to Daria's mostly-muted horror and disgust.


Quinn Morgendorffer is a stereotypical self-absorbed teenage girl who is concerned mainly with clothing, shopping, dating, and being popular. Her interest beyond such trivial things are minimal, save for getting into a "Party College" with her friends. However, in spite of this Quinn does have some depth, though it's hidden by a great deal of low self-esteem in terms of her value. As she confesses to Daria in the season two episode "Monster", Quinn feels that looking pretty and being popular are the only things she is good at, hence she focuses on them exclusively. Also she does feel some ambition towards doing better, though her efforts almost always end up getting her in trouble with her friends, who all deride the notion of intellectually bettering oneself. Still, despite Quinn's refusal to show her intelligence, she is shown to be as crafty and manipulative as her sister on rare occasions, particularly when she can get something out of it. She is also prudish when it comes to sexual matters.

The later seasons of the series have Quinn reconsidering her priorities and coming to value her intelligence and her family in her own way.

After getting a short glimpse into her past in "Boxing Daria," it seems that Quinn was rather starved for attention as child, because her parents attention was focused on Daria's social issues. This may be the deep-seated reason to her need to be popular and disdain of being associated with her sister or intellegence.

Relationship with Daria

Quinn spent most of the series having a rather adversarial relationship with Daria; each are very resentful of the other, and their differences regarding social standing and personalities drive a large amount of the conflict in the series. Each loves to antagonize the other (though Quinn is less open about admitting to do so) though in spite of these differences, there does exist a level of sibling love between the two, even if they refuse to openly admit it. When not openly annoying or insulting Daria, Quinn's dealings with her often involve laying out terms of requirements, expenses, exceptions, and final payment--in fairness, Daria also relates to Quinn on a similar, mercenary level. A recurring joke involved Quinn refusing to even admit to being Daria's sister, and telling her friends that Daria was her cousin or some other vague relation, leading to her friends referring to Daria as "that girl who lives with you." However, by the final episodes, their relationship warms considerably to the point that she warmly acknowledges Daria is her sister. It's also revealed that Quinn's friends already knew Daria was her sister but didn't say so because they were being polite towards Quinn's paranoia about being linked directly to Daria.

On some rare occasions the two sisters have worked together to achieve some goal, usually to get out of trouble or to avoid it. Most often these instances are dealt with in a rather businesslike fashion, such as when Daria incites Quinn (in episode 205: That was Then, This is Dumb), with an offer of some form of payment or benefit, to gather scandalous blackmail information about their parents from the son of visiting family friends. Later when Quinn begins to uncover some such stories her response is "These have got to be worth at least 20 bucks (to Daria)."

ocial life

Socially active, Quinn quickly became one of the most popular girls in Lawndale, much to the horror of her fellow members of the Lawndale Fashion Club, a clique of teenage girls that Quinn was friends with. While she had many boyfriends (even going as far as to come up with a ranking system for the men she dated), her only consistent interest lay with three teenage "jocks" from her grade level: Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie, three of her classmates who constantly followed her around and who were constantly being manipulated by Quinn for her own selfish purposes.


Quinn is shown with red hair with a light pink midriff with a yellow smiley face with a halo on top, later a less revealing dark pink shirt with a butterfly on it, and flared jeans. As the series begins to come to a close, Quinn's shirt begins to show less and less of her midriff as she comes into her intellectual own. This is shown that at the final party of "Is It College Yet?" when she is with the other members of the Fashion Club all wear revealing clothing, especially Sandi, while Quinn wears a tasteful outfit while not exposing her stomach like the others.

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