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name = Lucida

style = Serif
creator = Charles Bigelow Kris Holmes
releasedate = 1985
foundry = Bigelow and Holmes
shown_here = Lucida Bright

Lucida (pron-en|ˈluːsɪdə [cite web |url= |title=World atlas of language structures |accessdate=2008-09-19 |first=John |last=Wells |work=John Wells’s phonetic blog |date=2008-05-02 ] ) is an extended family of related typefaces designed by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes in 1985.

There are many variants called Lucida, including scripts (Blackletter, Calligraphy, Handwriting), serif (Fax, Bright), and sans-serif (Sans, Sans Unicode, Grande, Sans Typewriter).

Bigelow & Holmes, together with the (now defunct) TeX vendor Y&Y, extended the Lucida family with a full set of TeX mathematical symbols, making it one of the few typefaces that provide full-featured text and mathematical typesetting within TeX.

Lucida Arrows

It is a family of fonts containing arrows.

Lucida Blackletter

Released in 1992, it is a family of cursive blackletter fonts.

Lucida Bright

Based on Lucida Serif, it features more contrasted strokes and serifs.

The font was first used as the text face for Scientific American magazine, and its letter-spacing was tightened to give it a slightly closer fit for use in two and three column formats.

Lucida Calligraphy

It is a script font family developed from Chancery cursive.

Lucida Casual

Released in 1994, it is a casual font similar to Lucida Handwriting, but without connecting strokes.

Lucida Console

It is a variant of Lucida Sans Typewriter with smaller line spacing, added WGL4 character set.

Lucida Fax

Released in 1992, it is a slab serif font family derived from Lucida, designed for telefaxing.

Lucida Grande

It is a version of Lucida Sans with expanded character sets. It supports Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai scripts.

Lucida Handwriting

It is a script font family that imitates handwriting.

Lucida Icons

It is a family of fonts for ornament and decoration uses. It contains ampersands, interrobangs, circled Lucida Sans numerals. [Lucida Sans descriptions]

Lucida Math

It is a family of fonts for mathematical expressions. Lucida Math Extension contains only mathematical symbols. Lucida Math Italic contains Latin characters from Lucida Serif Italic, but with smaller line spacing, and added Greek letters. Lucida Math contains mathematical symbols, and blackletter (from Lucida Blackletter) and script letters in (from Lucida Calligraphy Italic) Letterlike Symbols region.

In addition to the above fonts, mathmatical fonts for Lucida Bright, Lucida Sans, Lucida Sans Mono were also developed, as well as Lucida Math One, Lucida Math Two, Lucida Math Three, which contain only mathematical symbols.

Lucida Sans

Infobox font
name = Lucida Sans

style = Various
prop = Proportional
date = 1985
creator = Charles Bigelow
Kris Holmes
foundry = Bigelow & Holmes
sample = See samples|

It is a family of sans-serif fonts complementing Lucida Serif, designed in 1985.

Lucida Sans Typewriter

Also called Lucida Typewriter Sans, It is a sans-serif monospaced font family, designed for typewriters.

Lucida Sans Unicode

Based on Lucida Sans Regular, it added characters in Arrows, Block Elements, Box Drawing, Combining Diacritical Marks, Control Pictures, Currency Symbols, Cyrillic, General Punctuation, Geometric Shapes, Greek and Coptic, Hebrew, IPA Extensions, Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B, Letterlike Symbols, Mathematical Operators, Miscellaneous Symbols, Miscellaneous Technical, Spacing Modifier Letters, Superscripts and Subscripts regions.

Lucida Serif

It is the original Lucida font designed in 1985, featuring a thickened serif. It was simply called Lucida when it was first released.

Lucida Stars

Lucida Typewriter Serif

Also called Lucida Typewriter, it is a slab serif monospaced version of Lucida Fax, but with wider serifs. The letters are wider than Lucida Sans Typewriter.



Lucida Console is also the Blue Screen of Death (as well as Notepad default) typeface in Windows XP and Windows CE. Lucida Sans Demibold (Identical outlines to Lucida Grande Bold but with tighter kerning on numerals) is used in Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X operating system, as well as many programs including Front Row.


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