Periphetes (Περιφήτης) is the name of several characters from Greek mythology.

The most prominent Periphetes, also known as Corynetes or the Club-Bearer, was a son of Hephaestus and Anticleia. Like his father, he was lame in one leg with only one eye as a Cyclopes would have. He roamed the road from Athens to Troezen where he robbed travellers and killed them with his bronze club. Theseus killed him by throwing a boulder at him and afterwards used the club as his own weapon.[1][2][3]

Other figures of this name were:

  • Periphetes, a Trojan who was killed by Teucer.[5]
  • Periphetes, king of Mygdonia. He fought with Sithon for the hand of the latter's daughter Pallene and was killed.[7]


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