List of Mega-Virus monsters

List of Mega-Virus monsters

In the show "Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad", these beings known as Mega-Virus Monsters (viruses for short) are drawn up by Malcolm Frink and brought to life by Kilokahn, who sends them into different electronic devices, computer systems, etc. Most of them are dinosaur-like and all are very similar to Kaiju-eiga monsters.

Virus List


* First Appearance: "To Protect and Servo"

This is the very first virus that Servo ever fought after Malcolm first met Kilokhan. Kathod was a long-tailed turtle-like creature who mostly crawled on four legs (though once during the battle, he was up on two), and had two volcano holes built into its shell, from which he could erupt powerful fireballs. He could also breathe fireballs at will. Kathod was brought to life by Kilokhan to tamper with phone communications on Malcolm's request so that Sam wouldn't call Jennifer. Around the same time, a freak accident with Sam's computer turns him into Servo for the first time and is transported to where Kathod is causing havoc. After a fierce battle, Kathod was destroyed by Servo's Grid Power Punch.


* First Appearance: "Samurize"

A one-eyed knight-like virus with skilled fighting techniques. He was sent into the police files in order to create false arrests including one on Jennifer during her date with Sam. He wielded dual metal combat sticks with pointy ends. When he proved to be too much for Servo, Tanker boarded Drago and went into the sytstem to aid Servo. By combining him with Drago, they became Servo's upgrade known as Phormo. During this part of the battle, Blink took his two sticks and merged them into one long, double-edged combat stick. It would do him no good in the end though, because he ended up getting taken out of the picture by Phormo, who used a special Grid Power Fire Stream that erupted from the gem on Phormo's chest.


* First Appearance: "Samurize, Guys!"

This was a large black spike-covered virus who, hence his name, could shake wildly, causing tremors in Cyberspace. He was sent into the government's defense satellites to create an electrical barrier around Sam's house, trapping Sam and the rest of Team Samurai inside when they were to appear for a band performance at North Valley High School that night. As Servo, Sam went in to battle the virus. This monster demonstrated the ability to suck up Servo's main power, right through the gem on Servo's chest. Servo lost 80% of his power after this move, so Sydney tried to program some help for him. She, Tanker and Amp were thrust into their vehicles (Borr, Tracto, and Vitor, respectively) for the very first time. They used their vehicles to aid Servo in battle, and soon merged with him to create the Synchro program. Synchro's formation turned the battle back in Team Samurai's favor, and he proceeded to destroy the virus by launching his Shoulder Drill Missiles directly at him. Servo faced him twice more later on in the series, and both times he used the Synchro program to win the battles.

Thorned Virus

* First Appearance: "Out of Sight, Out of Time"

A thorny virus that shot white powder from it's mouth. Servo and Tanker in Drago battled with it.


* First Appearance: "Out of Sight, Out of Time"

A diamond-backed dinosaur virus monster. Krono can shoot a blue beam from it's mouth. Malcolm created Krono and had Kilokhan send it into an atomic clock in England to render time in the world meaningless. Upon learning this, Sam became Servo to fight Krono. Sydney joined the battle in Borr and was hit by Krono's attack. Tanker and Amp joined the battle and helped to form Synchro. He was destroyed by Synchro's Grid Power Punch. In "Syber-Dunk," Krono creates a barrier that prevents Team Samurai and basketball star High Jump from leaving the school.


* First Appearance: "Some Like it Scalding"

A dinosaur-like fire virus. He appeared several different times. He first appeared in the school's thermostat to make the temperature scorching hot. Servo fought him in a hot battle until Sydney creates the Samurai Sword and a shield for Servo to use. After Servo beheads and betails Plexton, Malcolm prepared a backup disk so Kilokhan can withdraw Plexton from battle. He later appeared alongside his sister, the ice virus Gramm, and battled Servo. Servo tricked the two monsters into attacking each other, causing them to turn against each other and it seemed that Plexton had the upper hand in their sibling rivalry. They were taken down by Servo's sword, which was powered up by his Grid Power, while the two monsters were distracted. He then appeared with an armor upgrade and went inside Sam's blow-dryer in the episode "Hair I Stand, Hand to Hand." With the aid of Sydney and Tanker (who were in the vehicles Jamb and Torb), Servo was able to knock him out this time with his main Grid Power Punch. Servo met him once more in "Hide and Servo", and after the battle, he once again retreated (Plexton seemingly lost a portion of his tail while retreating). Plexton was not seen again after this.


* First Appearance: "Money For Nothin' and Bits For Free"

A metal virus with a bladed left arm and a pincer right arm. On its chest was a red jewel that unleased a barrier when attacked by beam weapons. Chronic tapped into the city's bank accounts making Malcolm rich. In "Romeo and Joule-Watt," Malcolm revamps Chronic and sends him into the school's stage lights during the school's play of Romeo and Juliet. In "It's Magic," Chronic returned to disrupt Sam and Lucky London's magic show.


* First Appearance: "His Master's Voice"
* Voice Actor: Neil Ross

A ninja virus. Deemed as perhaps the smartest of viruses, second-in-command to Kilokahn, and one of the only few who could actually speak. His combat skills were similar in technique to both a samurai and a ninja and were up to par with Servo's, and he wielded different weapons in battle, such as a sword, and a pair of nunchakus (which he also turned into a Bo). On one occasion he was taken out by Phormo's Lightning Grid Power, and on the other he was killed by Servo when Servo launched his sword/shield directly through Skorn. In the latter appearance, Skorn also had the ability to create multiple clones of himself, but the clones all disappeared when Servo destroyed the real Skorn. Having manifested in Sydney's watch, he was able to control her hand, and used this to hinder the attempts of Servo's friends to help him. Eventually, with Tanker holding back Sydney's hand and Amp typing in the computer for Sydney, they managed to send Servo his shield and sword programs to help him.

NOTE: Skorn appeared in a total of four episodes, but in his third appearance ("The President's a Frink!"), Neil Ross was not available to do Skorn's voice, so Skorn did not speak in this appearance, instead remaining completely silent (hence Servo asking Skorn, "Don't you recognize me?").


* First Appearance: "Lights, Camera, Action"

A giant, Ankylosaur-like monster with a camera-like eye, blinding floodlights built into his back, has two tails, and is covered in magnetic plates. He was responsible for trapping Sam inside a video camera. Servo had the initiative early on but then got burned when touching Kord's high temperature eye/camera. Kord proceeded to have Servo shackled where he was burned by Kord's fireballs. Eventually, with the help of Xenon, who smashed the virus's camera eye, Servo was able to defeat Kord with his Grid Power slicer, which he launched at the virus, slicing him up before turning orange and distintegrating. In "Little Ditch, Big Glitch," Kord was later given some upgrades by Malcolm. This time he had new black armor, and also had the ability to suck out Servo's main power. Servo was able to defeat him again with the Grid Power Punch after being aided in battle by Xenon. In "Give 'Til It Megahertz," Malcolm resurrects the Kord virus and uses him to turn the people of Earth into a bunch of overly generous people, including Team Samurai.


* First Appearance: "The Cold Shoulder"

A dinosaur-like ice virus, and the sister of Plexton. She was sent into Sam's air conditioner, causing Sydney, Tanker and Amp to turn cold against one another. She was destroyed when Servo thrust his sword through the gem on her chest, just moments after Servo wiped out Plexton in the fight. She later teamed up once again with her brother against Servo, but was again tricked into attacking each other, causing the two of them to fight. Servo then took this opportunity to destroy them with his sword.

ucker Virus

* First Appearance: "Amp Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

A dinosaur-like virus with a large mouth (with coils built into it) that was sent to suck in all the power from every nuclear power plant. In battle he tried to suck Servo inside of him until Sydney rushed in with Borr and bailed him out. However, Sydney took some damage, but Tanker and Amp turned the tide by coming in on Tracto and Vitor, respectively. They all merged with Servo to create Synchro, who then proceeded to wipe out the virus with a Grid Power Punch.


* First Appearance: "Lights, Camera, Action"

A Ceratopsian-headed dinosaur-type Mega-Virus. It had an armor that made him resemble a skeleton, and he had something of a loud howl. In "Amp Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!", Kilokahn sent him to damage all the communication networks. The damage was shorting machinery circuits everywhere, jamming TV signals, and created an earthquake in the high school. Sam went into the digital realm as Servo to take this menace on. Servo had his way early on, but was sent reeling by fireballs that the virus shot from his mouth. Sydney sent Servo his Battle Shield to protect him from the fiery projectiles. Unfortunately, the virus had another trick up his sleeve - he also had arrows built right into his armor, which he then proceeded to shoot right at Servo! Then, following another fireball attack, Servo's damage levels overloaded to the point that he was sent out of SyberSpace and the next second, Sam was back in his basement again! This time, Sam and Sydney, as well as Tanker and Amp, all went in to confront the virus again, and using Tracto, Borr and Vitor, they quickly merged with Servo to make the Synchro program. Synchro gave the virus a good thrashing, and neither the virus's fireballs nor arrows could faze Synchro. Synchro then used his Shoulder Drill Missile attack on the virus, and afterwards (in a move similar to the finisher that Phormo executed on Blink) finished off this virus by using the Grid Power Fire Stream from the gem on his chest. Servo later encountered this virus in the episode "Forget You!" (where he was the cause of widespread amnesia in the real world), and again came out the victor by using his Synchro powers.

NOTE: While this virus was introduced in "Lights, Camera, Action", he had no formal introduction as the team fought him at the beginning of the episode. Plus, that battle was mirror-imaged.

Unnamed Virus #1

* First Appearance: "Que Será Servo"

This virus was sent into the fortune-telling game that would turn everyone into the opposite of what their future would be. While fighting a cowardly Servo (as a result of Sam becoming a coward because of the spell), he used a spell that turned Servo evil. When Xenon came in to attack the virus, he had the upper hand until Kilokahn intervened, using his powers to throw Team Samurai back out of cyberspace. Amp (who had become a genius because of the effects of the virus) took one of Sydney's chains and smashed the game, with the shock caused in Syberspace rocking Servo and turning him good once again, turning the tide of the battle back in his favor. He then used a powerful Grid Power kick on the virus, which caused him to actually go right through, and ultimately destroy, the virus.


* First Appearance: "A Break in the Food Chain"

One of the deadliest viruses drawn by Malcolm. This green aardvark/dinosaur-type virus had tough armor and was armed with a pair of sword gauntlets on both arms. Malcolm and Kilokhan sent him into the food factories for the purpose of stopping shipments of food to the world that needs it. In battle, he was actually able to block Servo's Grid Power punch, but as the battle was turned back in Servo's favor (after Servo was able to strike him with his sword/Grid Power combination), the virus retreated. Servo took him on again in "Sweet and Sour Kilokahn" at the time when Sydney used a program that made Kilokahn good causing him to not bring Hock to life for Malcolm. When that was eliminated from Kilokhan, Servo fought Hock and the virus again retreated. He later reappeared in "The Taunt Heard Round the World" with some upgraded armor and was redubbed "The Hockinator". He had a target system in one eye and threw powerful boomerangs at Servo that would knock out at least 12% of his power per hit. After Sydney sent him the Dragon Cannon, Servo used it to turn the tide of the battle back in his favor, and then soon afterwards, Hock was finally eliminated by Servo's Grid Power. The normal Hock did appear again in the episode "Truant False", inside the school's computer, but was destroyed by an anti-virus system. Then in the episode "What Rad Universe!", Sam, who was in an alternate dimension, became Servo with the help of Malcolm (who in that dimension was a nice guy and a computer whiz) to fight against the Hockinator once again (who was brought to life by Yolanda Pratchert, who was this dimension's Malcolm Frink), and defeated him again with the Grid Power.


* First Appearance: "Mal-Kahn-Tent"
* Voice Actor: Glen Beaudin (uncredited, 1st time)

When Kilokahn took over Malcolm's body, he stuck Malcolm inside this orange dinosaur-like virus (who still had Malcolm's voice) with six long spike-like appendages. He tried to break out of Syberspace but he was stopped by Servo and was destroyed by his Grid Power. After that Malcolm was back in his old body again. Some episodes later Servo fought and defeated this virus again (but obviously without Malcolm attached to him). Later, this virus was re-designed by Malcolm with some upgraded armor and a mace ball on both his tail and left hand. He was destroyed by the Grid Power of Synchro this time.


* First Appearance: "Ashes to Ashes, Disk to Disk"

A blue pterodactyl-like virus who had the ability to fly and attack from the air. He first appeared inside Jennifer's Pom-Poms, causing whoever held them to be trapped inside SyberSpace, to be stored on floppy disks. After a battle with Servo, he retreated. Servo fought him again at the beginning of "My Virus Ate My Homework", and it was very much the same battle, only this time, Servo destroyed him with his Grid Power Punch. Troid had the ability to turn invisible while attacking, initially leaving Servo helpless to fight back until he summoned his computer's art program to help him, covering it in paint and leaving it visible.

Unnamed Virus #2

* First Appearance: "Hello Darkness, My Old Friend"

A virus used by Malcolm to knock out the world's electricity.

ydney's Virus

* First Appearance: "Pride Goeth Before a Brawl"
* Voice Actor: Unknown

As Kilokahn decided he no longer wanted Malcolm creating viruses for him, he decided to enlist the aid of another computer user; that being Sydney. He was able to coerce her to make a virus, which looked like nothing more than a peach-colored, timid creature (with a head actually found on her abdomen) who wasn't exactly evil. Servo went in to face her, but the confused virus wasn't in a fighting mood and apologized for the rampage. Later, Kilokahn showed Malcolm what Sydney created, and Malcolm made the virus truly evil this time (giving her an upgrade in the form of a black, rhinoceros-like face), and Servo would struggle against her this time. Sydney, feeling responsible, offered to pilot Drago in Tanker's place (to which Tanker agreed) and combined Drago with Servo to bring in Phormo. Towards the end of the battle the virus tried to apologize again, but to no avail - she was eliminated by Phormo's Lightning Grid Power Punch.

Nightmare Virus

* First Appearance: "An Un-helping Hand"

While he first appeared in the beginning of "An Un-helping Hand", his official appearance came in "To Sleep, Perchance to Scream." This huge silver virus had a large shell, a mouth with several jagged teeth, and two long, powerful tentacles for arms. He was sent by Kilokahn into Sam's alarm clock at 2:15 AM, freezing time and causing Sam to have continuous nightmares. When the morning seemingly came, Sam's friends were able to reveal that the virus was causing all of Sam's nightmares, and after some convincing, Sam became Servo. The virus nearly finished off Servo, but Sydney and Tanker boarded Jamb and Torb to aid Servo in the battle. Soon, Servo was finally able to put the Nightmare Virus away with his Grid Power Punch. After that, Sam woke all seemed to be a dream. It finally became 2:16 AM after such a rough overnight.

Rock n' Roll Virus

* First Appearance: "Rock n' Roll Virucide"
* Voice Actor: Jess Harnell

A musical virus monster responsible for turning Mrs. Starkey into a heavy rock and roll maniac.

mog Virus

* First Appearance: "Born with a Jealous Mind"

This tall, black dinosaur-like virus had two tails from which he could emit deadly red smog. After a new floppy drive ate Malcolm's disk and nearly ate his hand (causing him to only be able to type with one hand), he used this virus to get revenge on the people of Tokyo, where the floppy drive was presumably made. The smog from the virus caused the residents of Tokyo to collapse everywhere in the streets. Sam told Tanker of this danger as he tried to convice Tanker to not be so jealous of the fact that Sydney was on a date with superstar Chad Williams. Sam then became Servo and went in to confront the virus. He had the upper-hand early on, but once the Smog Virus became too powerful for him - especially when he started using his smog against Servo - Tanker boarded Drago and went in to help his buddy. After he had Drago breathe fire at the virus, Tanker used Drago to merge with Servo and create the Phormo program. Phormo manhandled the virus and soon put him out with the Lightning Grid Power Punch. The Smog Virus was later seen in the episode "Do Not Reboot 'Til Christmas", where he was used to make all battery-powered toys explode at midnight on Christmas Eve. With the help of Tanker, Servo (as Phormo) was able to destroy him again, a split-second before midnight.

tupid Virus

* First Appearance: "Cheater, Cheater, Megabyte Eater"
* Voice Actor: Neil Ross

A Mega-Virus monster who tampered with the national test scores at High School.


* First Appearance: "Stiff as a Motherboard"

A dark green hunchbacked Mega-Virus monster whose head is embedded in his abdomen, and on that head he had two horns from which he could emit blasts of electricity. Servo encountered him three different times. This was one of Malcolm's deadliest viruses. He first was sent into the school's water fountain and when Sam tried to drink from it, he became completely paralyzed, unable to move or speak. With the help of his friends, Sam was able to go into the computer and become Servo. In battle, Manfu trapped Servo (encasing him in computer chips from the waist down), prompting the others to form Xenon to help Servo. However, Manfu proved to be too much for Xenon (first shooting off its arms and then finishing it off with a second blast, causing Sydney, Tanker and Amp to be thrusted back out of Cyberspace and into the real world again), but Servo then escaped by reflecting back the energy at him. He then broke off Manfu's horns, and then tossed him high in the air. While he was still spinning in the air, Servo eliminated him with his Grid Power Punch. In "Syberteria Combat" Manfu created a barrier around the school at night was similar, with Xenon killing in one blast. In "Truant False," the school computer sent an anti-virus after Hock, which Malcolm used to try to alter his attendance records so he could skip summer school. After the anti-virus destroyed Hock, Malcolm decided to corrupt the anti-virus, modifying its look to make it look exactly like Manfu, and Servo went to battle it. Sydney reminded Servo that he could not destroy it since it was actually an anti-virus, and destroying it would crash the computer system. The anti-virus very nearly destroyed Servo, but Sydney was able to reprogram it just in time, turning it back into the anti-virus and making it good again.


* First Appearance: "Water You Doing?"

A Hercules Beetle-like Mega-Virus monster used by Malcolm to turn the city's water supply into hydrochloric acid. He was brown in color, crawled on four legs, and had two large horns sticking out of his head. When Servo first encountered him, Nixtor made the ground below Servo melt, causing him to fall one level to where Nixtor was actually hiding. He then had Servo locked up in chains and caused deadly gas to spray at Servo. The gang prepared to aid Servo, but Tanker couldn't go in the end due to being sick in his stomach. Sydney and Amp boarded Borr and Vitor to aid Servo in battle. They freed him and helped turn the tide of the battle back in his favor. In the end Servo managed to win by wiping out the virus with his Grid Power Punch. This virus would be used again in "Tanks For the Memories", where he would be sent into Tanker's Walkman, completely messing with Tanker's personality by distracting him and making him say obscure quotes. The battle was the same as before, with Tanker's impairment keeping him from joining the battle this time.


* First Appearance: "Starkey in Syberspace"

Kilokahn and Malcolm realized that typically their monsters were stronger than Servo, but he managed to win because of the others providing back-up in their vehicles. Kilokahn created an Input/Output barrier so that the next time Servo went into Syberspace to battle a virus (who this time was a virus with large wings from which he could emit deadly lasers, or use to fly), he would be cut off from the help of Team Samurai. However, Mrs. Starkey had accidentally transported herself into the digital world before the barrier was up (she mistook a picture of the Drago Jet on Sidney's laptop as a videogame). Per Kilokahn's expectations this virus proved to be super-strong and almost had Servo beaten, but Mrs. Starkey helped Servo out against the monster. After getting fired at a few times by the Starkey-piloted Drago Jet, Raedon was finally eliminated by Servo's Grid Power Punch.

Unnamed Virus #3

* First Appearance: "Love Me Don't"

This virus wasn't officially named on the show, but because he very much resembled Krono, he could possibly be considered as Krono II. This version of him had a light bulb on his head. Sam, who reluctantly agreed to save Malcolm from Mrs. Starkey (who was under the love spell that came from the music box that the virus was placed into), went in as Servo and made short work of the monster, tossing him about, breaking the light bulb on his head, and destroying him with his Grid Power. This was also the virus featured in "Take a Hike" (that time he would be used to knock out all the electricity in the world), and as Sam was not present, Tanker had to become Servo to take this virus on. He did, and he manhandled the virus (Sydney remarked that Tanker fights viruses like he plays football) before destroying him with the Grid Power Punch.

NOTE: The fireball and Grid Power attacks (in these two battles only) had different animation than the regular one taken from the show's Japanese counterpart.

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