Silk (disambiguation)

Silk (disambiguation)

Silk is a natural fibre and a textile woven from it.

The word silk is also used as a name for:
* Queen's Counsel, an informal name for a barrister in England and Wales and in the Commonwealth
* Spider silk, which is made by spiders to create webs
* Silk (soy milk), a brand of soy milk
* Silk (group), an R&B music group
* "Silk" (novel), a book by Alessandro Baricco
* Silk (2007 film) a 2007 drama starring Keira Knightley, based on the book "Silk"
* Silk (2006 film), a Taiwan horror film about a group of scientists who capture a ghost
* Racing silks, worn by horse-racing jockeys
* SilkTest, Borland's automated software testing tool.
* Silks, an aerial dance/circus art

"Silk" as a name

*Alexandra Silk
*Doctor Silk, a fictional character in the "Ninjak" comic series
*Dennis Silk
*Garnett Silk
*Gary Silk (footballer)
*George Silk
*Joe Silk
* Patera Silk, the main character of Gene Wolfe's "The Book of the Long Sun"
*Paul Silk
*Robert Kilroy-Silk
*Silk Smitha, South Indian cinema actress
*Silkk The Shocker, American rapper
*Steve "Silk" Hurley, House music pioneer, remixer, songwriter, producer
*Silk was the codename of Prince Kheldar, a character from David Eddings' Belgariad and Mallorean.

Types of silk

*Art silk
*Aerial silk
*Assam Silk
*Indian silk
*Rajshahi Silk
*Sea silk
*Shot silk
*Spider silk
*Thai silk‎

ee also

*Silk Road
*Silkroad Online
* Silkin

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