Brockhollands is a hamlet located in the Forest of Dean. It lies between the village Bream and the town Lydney in Gloucestershire. It is an obscure and small area with around 30 houses and is relatively unknown even in the local area.

Local mythology

There have been some rather strange and mysterious rumours and suspicions surrounding this small hamlet that, although none being backed up by any reliable sources except those who "witnessed" the events, make some interesting reading.The "attempted alien landing" of 2000 seen by the farmer when a circle of lights surrounded his farm proceeding to then propel themselves back into space for an unknown reason.The "Cat Killer" who is often held responsible for the deaths and disappearances of many of the local population's feline pets. The "Black Cat" is a popular sighting in Brockhollands fuelled by the rumours surrounding the rest of the Forest of Dean that there is an escaped Panther, or family of Panthers, roaming the country dispatching sheep and farmers alike. Various "ghosts" inhabit the area, including that of a burglar who was killed escaping into the garden of number 14, breaking his neck, and that of the murder victim discovered in the forest in the year of 1999.Other tales surround the area bombed during World War II when a German bomber attempting to dispose of unused bombs dropped one on what is now the site of a fishing farm utilizing the crater left by the device.

Paisley House - and The Mizen Family

The Mizen family moved into Paisley House in Brockhollands during October 1969. This move single handedly increased the population of Brockhollands by 5% - due to the size of the family (nine children).Paisley House was one of two houses built by a local tradesman during the late 19th century. He carved a roadway out into the shape of a large paisley pattern, built Paisley house, along with the adjacent Paisley Villa, before running out of money and scrapping the whole project.

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