Iranian citizens abroad

Iranian citizens abroad

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The term Iranian citizens abroad refers to the Iranian people born in Iran but living outside of Iran and their children.

Over four million Iranians have emigrated to North America, Europe, Turkey and Australia, mostly after the Islamic revolution in 1979. [ [ Iran: Coping With The World's Highest Rate Of Brain Drain - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY ] ] In particular, the Los Angeles area is estimated to be host to approximately 500,000 Iranians, earning the Westwood area of LA the nickname Tehrangeles, a portmanteau of Tehran and the latter two phonemes of Los Angeles. Other metropolises that have large Iranian populations include Dubai with 300,000 resident Iranians, London with 100,000 Iranians, Toronto, Paris, Washington D.C., Stockholm, and Frankfurt. Their combined net worth is $1.3 trillion. [ [ Iran Daily - Domestic Economy - 02/14/07 ] ] (2006 est.)

Migrant Iranian workers abroad remitted less than two billion dollars home in 2006. [ [ Iran Daily - Domestic Economy - 10/22/07 ] ]

Note that this differs from the other Iranian peoples living in other areas of Greater Iran, who are of related ethnolinguistical family, speaking languages belonging to the Iranian languages which is a branch of Indo-European languages.

Native speakers of Farsi

:"See also: Persian language, Persian-speakers of Iran"The number of native speakers of Farsi in Iran is estimated at around 40 million, or 60% of the total population.cite web |url= |title="Iran - People" |first=CIA |last=World Factbook |accessdate=2006-04-14] However in the wider context, Iranian languages and their various dialects (totaling an estimated 150-200 million speakers) exceed the Iranian borders and are spoken throughout western China, Central Asia, southern Russia, and eastern Turkey.cite web |url= |title=SOAS: Other Iranian languages |accessdate=2007-02-23]

Number of Iranian citizens abroad

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