Locke the Echidna

Locke the Echidna

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real_name=Locke of the House of Edmund
publisher=Archie Comics
debut= Sonic the Hedgehog #33
creators=Ken Penders
alliances= Sonic the Hedgehog, Chaotix, Brotherhood of Guardians, Kingdom of Acorn, Freedom Fighters
relatives= Brotherhood of Guardians (predecessors/grandparents), Knuckles the Echidna (son)
powers=Reality warping abilities derived from Chaos energy|

Locke the Echidna is a fictional character from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic books published by Archie Comics. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians, and is father of Knuckles the Echidna.

Similar to his son, whom he bears a strong resemblance to, Locke is an anthropomorphic, red-furred echidna. Of all the Guardians, Locke is the only one to have changed his attire before reaching old age (for a Guardian). Originally, his outfit consisted of a hooded white robe and blue boots. Some time during Sonic's Xorda-induced exile in space, Locke switched out his wardrobe. He adopted a more tribal outfit, with brown boots and a ceremonial kilt. He was seen wearing similar style of pants underneath his kilt (in issues 139 to 141). He also has a shield that goes with this set of clothing.

:"Locke is possibly named for the philosopher, John Locke."


Locke is the strongest guardian, after his son, Knuckles.

The present

After Professor Finitevus's manipulated Knuckles to transform into the evil being known as Enerjak, Locke took it upon himself to stop his son. Locke knew that as Enerjak's powers grew he would become less susceptable to destruction. The Brotherhood, shortly before their disappearence, had set about developing a weapon to combat Enerjak had he ever returned. However, the weapon would destroy Knuckles as well if used against him.

Against Julie-Su's wishes, Locke led Sonic to the hiding place of the weapon. Enroute, Archimedes appears and reminds Locke that it is their fault for Knuckle's current predicament. During the argument, Sonic retrieved the weapon which he immediately destroyed to end the dispute of whether or not to kill Knuckles. Sonic's own plan to use his Super powered form to combat Enerjak instead took it's place.

While Super Sonic battled Enerjak, Julie-Su and Archimedes head off to stop Finitevus, who reveals that the only way to break the hex placed on Knuckles is to sacrifice another. Julie-Su moves to do so, but Archimedes states it is his responsibility. Inevitably, Locke assumes the duty of saving his son. Using the power of the Chaos Emerald, he makes the wish to return Knuckles to his rightful form before disappating into the source.

Knuckles, free from Finivetus's curse, immediately blames himself for his father's sacrifice and thus resumes his duties as Guardian on Angel Island, vowing never to leave it again.

Possible future

According to the alternate future of "Mobius: 25 Years Later", Locke died at a rather young age given Guardian longevity, having apparently developed cancer (Specifically a cancerous pancreas, due to his exposure to Chaos radiation while still an egg. Incidentally, this same treatment was performed on Knuckles, granting him the enhanced power he has for most of the series). Lara-Le and Knuckles visited him as he lay dying, and he confessed that he had realized the errors he had made during his life. He professed undying love for both of them, and told Knuckles how he regretted putting duty ahead of being a father. He died in his sleep in the middle of the night on the sixty-first day of the Mobian year 3246. Three days later, he was buried in a small, private ceremony, and as a result never met Lara-Su in that timeline. After Lara-Su's unveiling, Knuckles visited his grave, and came to realize that in denying his daughter the choice of becoming a Guardian, he was making the same mistake Locke had made with him. As Knuckles admitted his error, Locke was looking down on him in the company of Aurora, the goddess figure of Mobius.


Locke was a strong parent who cared about his son, but firmly believed that his affiliation with the Brotherhood and Knuckles' duty mattered more than his family, or even the possibilty of his son's happiness. This led him to clash on more than one occasion with Knuckles, and Locke also had choice words with his ex-wife. She has since found another husband, and with him is raising a new family that Knuckles is considered a part of, while Locke isn't. Locke's single-mindedness and secrecy made any relationships difficult.


Like all Guardians, Locke possessed numerous abilities derived from Chaos energy. As a result of his genetic manipulation, he had enhanced abilities, both physically and in Chaos. He was also a skilled technician.

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