Martrock 2006, Oude Markt, crowd picture during Bjorn Again
Location(s) Leuven, Belgium
Years active 1982 - ?
Date(s) Friday+weekend closest to 15 August
Genre Alternative rock, Pop, Dutch

Marktrock is a popular crowd-puller music festival held each year around the August 15, in the heart of the university town of Leuven, Belgium. There is also a smaller Marktrock festival in Poperinge which is held the last Saturday of August.

The name Marktrock comes from the Dutch word, markt, meaning market and it's held on 2 squares (4 until 24th edition) in the historical city center of Leuven: "Oude Markt" and "Ladeuzeplein". Until the 24th edition (2006) the three day festival always had August 15, Assumption day as last day.

In 2004, the 22nd edition of the Marktrock festival was held in Leuven and it has grown into one of Europe's biggest urban music festivals with over 350,000 visitors each year.

On February 5, 2007 the Marktrock vzw organization announced the end of the festival. Main reasons were the raising price of quality artists and groups, the low capacity of the main stage on the "Oude Markt", the new and expensive legal regulations each year, the financial risk of open-air festivals and the organization refused to raise entry tickets for the "Oude Markt" stage again. The rain during the 2006 edition certainly didn't help either. Over the 24 years history of the original MarktRock more than 1400 artists performed at Marktrock, more than 5 million people visited the festival and it launched several Belgian artists.

In March 2007 Marktrock came under new management, which revived the festival and drastically redesigned the 2007 edition. The free stages disappeared, replaced by two paying stages: the Oude Markt focused on local and upcoming bands, while the larger Ladeuzeplein featured established and international artists. This new setup met with significant criticism and attendance was low.

For the 2008 edition, the festival was once again revamped, bringing back the various free stages throughout the city, leaving only the Oude Markt with an entry fee. While the festival was still struggling to draw the crowds it used to draw, this edition was considered a success.

The 2009 festival changed its approach once more, ditching both the entry fee and international acts. It secured additional funding from the city of Leuven on the condition that the festival would focus on local talent. Despite a line-up of mostly obscure bands, this edition drew an estimated 95,000 visitors, causing minor organisational problems as visitors were turned back from venues that were filled to capacity.


Marktrock 1982

  • 1st edition
  • Lineup: The Snörkels, Go Go-Slip, Polizei, Duplex Johnson, Big Bill, Boxcars, Scooter

Marktrock 1984

Marktrock 1985

  • 3rd edition
  • Lineup: Eric Melaerts Group, Guido Belcanto, Will Tura, Beri Beri and Romeo Spinelli, Boogie Boy, Roland & Centimeters, The Hattricks, 2 Belgen, The Boxcars, The Kids, The Blasters, Nick Lowe

Marktrock 1986

  • 4th edition
  • Lineup: De Kreuners, Rufus Thomas, The Luther Allison Band, The Skyblasters, Big Bill, LSP Band, Midnight Service, The Pop Gun, Dirk Blanchart, The Yéh-Yéh's, Catalog of Cool, Don Dixon, Graham Parker

Marktrock 1987

  • 5th edition
  • Lineup: Clouseau, Maurane, Johan Verminnen, The Push, BJ Scott, Dave Edmunds, Family Duck, The Soulsisters, Jo Lemaire, Dr. Feelgood, Katrina & the Waves, Southside Johnny and the Jukes

Marktrock 1988

  • 6th edition
  • Lineup: Sweat By Two, Elli Medeiros, Junior Walker & the All Stars, Blue Blot, K13, The Skyblasters, Bart Peeters & the Radios, Dr. Feelgood, Ze Noiz, Tröckener Kecks, Won Ton Ton, Brendan Croker & the 5 O'Clock Shadows, Womack & Womack, The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Marktrock 1989

  • 7th edition
  • Lineup: The Scene, De Dijk, Clouseau, De Kreuners, Raymond Van het Groenewoud, The Pebbles, Wreckless Eric, Bart Peeters & de (nieuwe) Radios, Soulsister, The Wolf Banes, Sam Cooke Singers, Squeeze, The Scabs, Kevin Mc Dermott Orchestra, The Inmates, Fisher Z, The Average White Band

Marktrock 1990

  • 8th edition
  • Lineup: Mama's Jasje, Hugo Mathijsen & de Bomen, Will Tura, Pitti Polak, Bart Peeters, Ronny & Robert, The Pop Gun, De Kreuners, Arno, Eli Jones, Blue Blot, The Blues Band, Ten Years After, Noordkaap, The Paranoics, Candy Dulfer, Dan Reed Network, Nils Lofgren, The Kinks

Marktrock 1991

  • 9th edition
  • Lineup: Joppe Steengoedt, Tröckener Kecks, The Scene, Raymond Van het Groenewoud, Ralph Samantha & Medicine Men, BJ Scott, Ruby Turner, The Troggs, La Fille d'Ernest, Green, Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister, The Silencers, Katrina & the Waves, Mother's Finest, Status Quo

Marktrock 1992

  • 10th edition
  • Lineup: Pitti Polak, Elvis Belgisch, The Popgun, Clouseau, The Dinky Toys, Khadja Nin, David Rudder & the Charlie's Roots, Zap Mama, The Radios, Running Cow, 2 Tribes, The Scabs, Charles & Les Lulus, The Levellers, The Scene, Van Morrisson

Marktrock 1993

  • 11th edition
  • Lineup: The Beautiful Babies, Mama's Jasje, Hugo Mathijsen & de Bomen, Roland Celebration Band, L & M and Soulsister, Soapstone, Brendan Crocker & the Serious Offence, Tom Robinson & Band, Björn Again, J.Geils Band, The Scabs, Shine, Betty Goes Green, Noordkaap, Radiohead, Quireboys, Luka Bloom, Arno, Willy De Ville

Marktrock 1994

  • 12th edition
  • Lineup: Pop in Wonderland, Ronnymo', The Choice, Gorki, The Dinky Toys with guests, The Nits, De Lama's, De Mens, Chris Daniëls & the Kings, Roland, CPeX, The Counterfeit Stones, The radios, Ashbury Faith, Inspiral Carpets, Magnapop, Axelle Red, The Creeps, Primal Scream, Pretenders, Frankie Miller

Marktrock 1995

  • 13th edition
  • Lineup: The Same, Edwyn Collins, Clouseau, Big Country, CPeX, Mike & the Mechanics, Nick Lowe, Belgian Asociality, Ashbury Faith, Supergroove, M People, Paul Weller, Thrum, Junkhouse, Heather Nova, Bettie Serveert, Noordkaap, Richard Thompson & Band, Status Quo, The Scene

Marktrock 1996

  • 14th edition
  • Lineup: Mike Flowers Pops, Helmut Lotti, Jools Holland, The Monalisas, Raymond Van het Groenewoud, Right Said Fred, The Scene, The Robert Cray Band, De Mens, Freakpower, Metal Molly, Jonathan Richman, Raw Stylus, K's Choice, Skunk Anansie, Iggy Pop, Luka Bloom

Marktrock 1997

  • 15th edition
  • Lineup: Blaise and Da Funkamental, Bart Peeters, Clouseau, Paul Young, Boudewijn De Groot, No Way Sis, Funky Green Dogs, Dodgy, Channel Zero, The Paladins, Thé Lau, Joan Osborne, Gary Moore, Sunny Side Up, Catherine, Katrina & the Waves, Coolio, Axelle Red, Khaled

Marktrock 1998

  • 16th edition
  • Lineup: Sarah, De Kreuners, Mama's Jasje, Marco Borsato, The Charlatans, The Wailers, D.A.A.U., Evil Superstars, The Posies, Moloko, Nick Lowe, The Levellers, Dreadzone, Cameron, Omar & the Howlers, Anouk, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Ringo Starr & His All Stars

Marktrock 1999

  • 17th edition
  • Lineup: Mozaiek, Bløf, Volumia!, Clouseau, Trish & Kash, Hooverphonic, Praga Khan, Das Pop, Ilse Delange, Soulwax, Purple Prose, featuring Danny Klein, Errol Brown (voice of Hot Chocolate), The Flying Dewaele Bros, The Roswells, Eden, Jessica, Apollo 440, Jovanotti, Brand New Heavies, Buddy Guy

Marktrock 2000

  • 18th edition
  • Lineup: Babel, Abel, Tröckener Kecks, Mama's Jasje, Frank Boeijen, Raymond v/h Groenewoud, Will Tura, Metal Molly, Postmen, Liquido, Zap Mama, Heater Nova, The Flying Dewaele Bros, Dilana Smith, Steve Wynn, De Heideroosjes, The Scene, De Mens, Arid, Anouk, Joe Cocker, Soulwax, Beck

Marktrock 2001

  • 19th edition
  • Lineup: Judith, Voice Male, Jukebox 2000, The Bomfunk MCs, Krezip, Lords of Acid, El Tattoo del Tigre, The Dallas Explosion, Twarres, Laïs, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Travis, Emmi, Mauro, Das Pop, Wheatus, Finley Quaye, Frank Black and the Catholics, Fun Lovin' Criminals, James Brown

Marktrock 2002

  • 20th edition
  • Lineup: Patsy, Sita, Turn on Tina, Clouseau, Joost Zweegers, Arid, Les Truttes, Flip Kowlier, Arno, Simple Minds, Kosheen, Neeka, Daan, Starflam, Zornik, Therapy?, Natalie Imbruglia, Counting Crows, Elvis Costello

Marktrock 2003

Marktrock 2004

Marktrock 2005

Marktrock 2006

Marktrock 2007

  • 25th edition
  • 3 days (August 10 to August 12, 2007)
  • Official Sponsors: Telenet, Inbev (Stella Artois), Dexia (Axion), Het Laatste Nieuws, Groep T, JIMtv, Studio Brussel, Nationale Loterij, ResPlus, Coca-Cola, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
  • 2 stages: "Ladeuzeplein" (entrance 30EUR (pre-sale 25EUR for 1day, 65EUR for 3days)) and "Oude Markt" (entrance 20EUR (pre-sale 15EUR for 1 day, 38EUR for 3 days))
  • Line-up "Ladeuzeplein": Friday August 10: Milow, Zita Swoon, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Jan Van Biesen | Saturday August 11h: The Scene, Bart Peeters, Morcheeba, Nile Rodgers & Chic, STUBRU WAS HET NU ’70-’80 of ’90 ? | Sunday August 12: Kosheen, Gabriel Ríos, Kanye West, Axelle Red, The 4T Four & Guests
  • Line-up "Oude Markt": Friday August 10: Nunan, Tom Helsen, Fixkes, Absynthe Minded, Arid, Shameboy | Saturday August 11: Yevgueni, A Brand, Sioen, Vive La Fête, Zornik, Magnus | Sunday August 12: Tripoli, Mintzkov, Ex-Drummer, Stijn, Daan, Discobar Galaxie

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