In Roman mythology, Iapyx or "Iapux" was Aeneas's healer during the Trojan War and then escaped to Italy after the war and founded Apulia.


He was either:
*the son of Lycaon, which would make him the brother of Daunius and Peucetius (who went as leaders of a colony to Italy - Anton. Lib. 31)
*a Cretan, from whom the Cretans who migrated to Italy derived the name of Iapyges, son of Daedalus either
**by his wife, thus making him a full-brother of Icarus (Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898, Serv. ad Aen. iii. 332).
**by another Cretan woman (Strab. vi.; Athen. xii.; Herod. vii. 170; Heyne, ad Virg. Aen. xi. 247).

Iapyx appears in Aeneid 12 (there is no book 20).

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