name = Simians
fossil_range = Middle Eocene – Recent

image_caption = "Lar Gibbon"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Mammalia
ordo = Primates
subordo = Haplorrhini
infraordo = Simiiformes
infraordo_authority = Haeckel, 1866
subdivision_ranks = Families
subdivision =
The simians (infraorder Simiiformes) are the "higher primates" familiar to most people: the monkeys and the apes, including humans. Simians tend to be larger than the "lower primates" or prosimians.

Classification and evolution

The simians are split into three groups. The New World monkeys in Platyrrhini parvorder split from the simian line about 40 million years ago (mya), leaving the Catarrhini parvorder occupying the Old World. This group split about 25 mya between the Old World monkeys and the apes. Earlier classifications split the primates into two large groups: the "Prosimii" (strepsirrhines and tarsiers) and the simians in "Anthropoidea"(an'thro-poy'de-a)(Gr. "anthropos", man).

** Suborder Strepsirrhini: non-tarsier prosimians
** Suborder Haplorrhini: tarsiers, monkeys and apes
*** Infraorder Tarsiiformes
*** Infraorder Simiiformes
**** Parvorder Platyrrhini: New World monkeys
***** Family Cebidae: marmosets, tamarins, capuchins and squirrel monkeys
***** Family Aotidae: night or owl monkeys (douroucoulis)
***** Family Pitheciidae: titis, sakis and uakaris
***** Family Atelidae: howler, spider and woolly monkeys
**** Parvorder Catarrhini
***** Superfamily Cercopithecoidea
****** Family Cercopithecidae: Old World monkeys
***** Superfamily Hominoidea
****** Family Hylobatidae: gibbons
****** Family Hominidae: great apes and humans

ee also

* "Simia", Carolus Linnaeus's original classification of these primates.Also. there arent any monkeys in Africa


*MSW3 Groves|pages=128-184

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