International Socialism (journal)

International Socialism (journal)

"International Socialism" (ISJ) is a quarterly journal of socialist theory published by the Socialist Workers Party (Britain) and currently edited by Chris Harman.

The current journal is the second series following an earlier series which ran from 1960 to 1977 publishing a total of 104 issues. Although a single issue of a duplicated journal had been published in 1958 and the first edition of Tony Cliff's essay on Rosa Luxemburg was published, in book form, as issue 2/3 in series with this otherwise one off publication. [Citation
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Christopher Hitchens is among the journal's alumni. [Citation
last = Hitchens
first = Christopher
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title = Workers' self-management in Algeria
journal = International Socialism
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External links

* [ International Socialism website]
* [ Socialist Review and International Socialism Journal Index] . Includes text of issues from 2:61 (Winter 1993) to 2:104 (Autumn 2004) after which the text is available on the ISJ website.
* [ International Socialism Journal Index 1958-1968]
* [ ISJ Index 1969-1974]
* [ ISJ Index 1975-1978]

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