Gary Younge

Gary Younge

Gary Younge (born 1969 in Hitchin, UK) is a British journalist and author, born to immigrant parents from Barbados. Younge read French and Russian at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He went on to study at City University, London where he gained a Post-graduate Diploma in Newspaper Journalism in 1993.

Younge is a columnist for "The Guardian" and is currently the newspaper's New York City correspondent. He also has a monthly column for "The Nation" called "Beneath the Radar." His book "No Place Like Home", in which he retraced the route of the civil rights Freedom Riders, was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award in 1999.


*"The English Question" Gordon Marsden (Editor), Tony Wright (Editor), Robert Hazell, Ian McLean, Austin Mitchell, Mary J. Hickman, Gary Younge (Fabian Society, 2000, ISBN 0-7163-6002-0)
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*"Stranger in a Strange Land: Encounters in the Disunited States" (The New Press, 2006, ISBN 1-59558-068-9)

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