Preces (Opus Dei)

Preces (Opus Dei)

The Preces is a daily vocal prayer said by members of the Roman Catholic prelature of Opus Dei. [Cfr. [ Codex Iuris Particularis, n.° 82, 1] ] It is also called "Prayers of the Work." Preces is the Latin word for "prayers."


The prayer was originally composed by Josemaría Escrivá in December 1930. It was the first common activity of the members of Opus Dei in history. Escrivá commented, "Since the heart of Opus Dei has to be like this, it is clear that the Lord wanted that we start with prayer. Prayer will the first official act of the members of the Work of God." [See [ this article] . Link in Spanish.] Escrivá in accordance to what he preached in "The Way" [ 86] , about "using the psalms and prayers from the missal" for one's prayer, composed the prayer putting together phrases that he took from established liturgical prayers, and from the psalms. The prayers have undergone several changes through time. [For instance, the [ prayers to the archangels] or the [ prayer for the Father] were added in 1932 and 1938, respectively. Both links in Spanish.]


The Preces, which is called "the universal prayer of the work", is described by one journalist as including "blessing of everyone from the Pope to Virgin Mary to the prelate of Opus Dei". [David E. Thigpen: [,9171,1186134,00.html A Day with Opus Dei] , Time Magazine, April 21, 2006] John L. Allen describes its contents as follows: "invocations to the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the Guardian Angels, and Saint Josemaría, then prayers for the Holy Father, the bishop of the diocese, unity among all those working to spread the gospel, the prelate of Opus Dei an the other members of the Work, and invocations to Saints Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Peter, Paul, and John (the Patrons of Opus Dei)". [John L. Allen: "Opus Dei". New York: Doubleday, 2005: 30-31.]

Latin text [ [ Latin Text] of the Preces of Opus Dei, also [ here] ]

:Sérviam! :V. Ad Trinitatem Beatissimam. :R. Grátias tibi, Deus, grátias tibi: vera et una Trínitas, una et summa Déitas, sancta et una Unitas. :V. Ad Iesum Christum Regem. :R. Dóminus Iudex noster; Dóminus Légifer noster; Dóminus Rex noster. Ipse salvabit nos. :V. Christe, Fili Dei vivi, miserere nobis. :R. Christe, Fili Dei vivi, miserere nobis. :V. Exsurge, Christe, ádiuva nos.:R. Et líbera nos propter nomen tuum.:V. Dóminus illuminátio mea et salus mea: quem timebo?:R. Si consistant adversum me castra, non timebit cor meum: si exsurgat adversum me proélium, in hoc ego sperabo.:V. Ad Beatam Vírginem Mariam Mediatricem.:R. Recordare, Virgo Mater Dei, dum stéteris in conspectu Dómini, ut loquaris pro nobis bona.:V. Ad Sanctum Ioseph Sponsum Beatae Mariae Vírginis.:R. Fecit te Deus quasi Patrem Regis, et dóminum universae domus eius: ora pro nobis.:V. Ad Angelos Custodes.:R. Sancti Angeli Custodes nostri, deféndite nos in proélio ut non pereamus in tremendo iudicio.:V. Ad Sanctum Iosephmariam Conditorem nostrum.:R. Intercede pro fíliis tuis ut, fideles spirítui Operis Dei, laborem sanctificemus et ánimas Christo lucrifácere quaeramus. :V. Oremus pro Beatíssimo Papa nostro N. :R. Dóminus conservet eum, et vivíficet eum, et beatum fáciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in ánimam inimicorum eius.:V. Oremus et pro Antístite huius dioecesis.:R. Stet et pascat in fortitúdine tua, Dómine, in sublimitate nóminis tui.:V. Oremus pro unitate apostolatus.:R. Ut omnes unum sint, sicut tu Pater in me et ego in te: ut sint unum, sicut et nos unum sumus.:V. Omne regnum divisum contra se, desolábitur.:R. Et omnis cívitas vel domus divisa contra se non stabit. :V. Oremus pro benefactóribus nostris.:R. Retribúere dignare, Dómine, ómnibus nobis bona faciéntibus propter nomen tuum, vitam aetemam. Amen.:V. Oremus pro Patre.:R. Misericórdia Dómini ab aeterno et usque in aeternum super eum: custodit enim Dóminus omnes diligentes se.:V. Oremus et pro frátribus nostris Operis Dei, vivis atque defunctis.:R. Salvos fac servos tuos, Deus meus, sperantes in te.:V. Mitte eis, Dómine, auxílium de sancto.:R. Et de Sion tuere eos.:V. Réquiem aeternam dona eis, Dómine.:R. Et lux perpétua lúceat eis.:V. Requiescant in pace.:R. Amen.:V. Dómine, exaudi orationem meam.:R. Et clamor meus ad te véniat.: [Sacerdos, si Preces moderatur, exsurgit et addit "Dóminus vobiscum", stans etiam dum recitat orationem.] :V. Dóminus vobiscum. :R. Et cum spíritu tuo. :Oremus. :Deus, cui próprium est misereri semper et párcere: súscipe deprecationem nostram. Ure igne Sancti Spíritus renes nostros et cor nostrum, Dómine: ut tibi casto córpore serviamus, et mundo corde placeamus. :Actiones nostras, quaésumus Dómine, aspirando praéveni et adiuvando proséquere: ut cuncta nostra orátio et operátio a te semper incípiat, et per te coepta finiatur. Per Christum Dóminum nostrum.:R. Amen.: [Omnes dicunt:] :Gáudium cum pace, emendationem vitae, spátium verae poeniténtiae, grátiam et consolationem:Sancti Spíritus atque in Opere Dei perseverántiam, tríbuat nobis Omnípotens et Miséricors Dóminus.:V. Sancte Míchaël.:R. Ora pro nobis. :V. Sancte Gábriel. :R. Ora pro nobis. :V. Sancte Ráphaël. :R. Ora pro nobis. :V. Sancte Petre. :R. Ora pro nobis. :V. Sancte Paule. :R. Ora pro nobis. :V. Sancte Ioannes. :R. Ora pro nobis. : [Cum adsit aliquis Sacerdos, dignior ait:] :Iube, Domne, benedícere.: [Sacerdos benedicit:] :Dóminus sit in córdibus vestris, et in lábiis vestris, in nómine Patris et Fílii et Spíritus Sancti. :R. Amen.:V. Pax.:R. In aeternum.

English translation

:I will serve! :V. To the Most Blessed Trinity. :R. Thanks be to you, God, thanks be to you: true and one Trinity, one and highest Deity, holy and one Unity. :V. To Jesus Christ the King. :R. Lord our Judge; Lord our Law-giver; Lord our King: he himself will save us. :V. Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on us. :R. Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on us. :V. Rise, O Christ, help us. :R. And save us by your name. :V. The Lord is my light and salvation: whom shall I fear?:R. If my enemies surround me, my heart will not be frightened; when danger arises against me, in him will I hope.:V. To the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix.:R. Remember, O Virgin Mother of God, to speak for our good, when you stand in the sight of the Lord.:V. To Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.:R. God made you like the Father of the King and Lord over his household: pray for us.:V. To the Guardian Angels.:R. Our Holy Guardian Angels, defend us in danger lest we perish in the Great Judgment.:V. To our founder Saint Josemaría.:R. Intercede for your children so that, being faithful to the spirit of Opus Dei, we may sanctify our work, and win souls for Christ.:V. Let us pray for our Most Blessed Pope, N.:R. May the Lord protect him, enliven him, and make him happy on earth, and deliver him not into the hands of his enemies.:V. Let us pray for the (Arch)bishop of this diocese.:R. May he stand courageously and tend your flock, O Lord, in your sublime name.:V. Let us pray for the unity of the apostolate.:R. That all may be one, as you, Father, and I are one; that they may be one, as we are one.:V. A kingdom divided against itself will be destroyed.:R. And a city or house divided against itself will not stand.:V. Let us pray for our benefactors.:R. Deign to grant them, Lord, life everlasting on account of all of their good works in your name. Amen.:V. Let us pray for The Father (the current Prelate of Opus Dei).:R. Your mercy, O Lord, be upon him from eternity to eternity: for the Lord guards all those who love him.:V. Let us pray for our brethren in Opus Dei, living and dead.:R. Make safe those who hope in you.:V. Send them, O Lord, the help of grace.:R. And from Sion watch and keep them.:V. Grant them eternal rest, O Lord.:R And let perpetual light shine upon them.:V. May they rest in peace. :R. Amen.:V. Lord, hear my prayer.:R. And let my cry come to you.: [If a priest leads the Preces, he stands and adds:] :V. The Lord be with you.:R. And with your spirit.:Let us pray. :O God, who is above all ever-merciful and sparing: hear our prayers. Enkindle, O Lord, our hearts and minds with the fire of the Holy Spirit, that we may serve you with a chaste body and please you with a clean heart. :Direct, we beseech you, Lord, our actions by your inspirations, and further them by your assistance, so that every word and work of ours may begin always from you and by you be likewise ended. Through Christ our Lord.:R. Amen.: [All say:] :Grant us, all powerful and merciful Lord, joy with peace, a life of penance, time for true contrition, grace and the consolation of the Holy Spirit, and perseverance in Opus Dei. :V. Saint Michael.:R. Pray for us.:V. Saint Gabriel. :R. Pray for us. :V. Saint Raphael. :R. Pray for us. :V. Saint Peter. :R. Pray for us. :V. Saint Paul. :R. Pray for us. :V. Saint John. :R. Pray for us. : [If a priest is present, the leader says:] :Father, bless us.: [The priest blesses:] :The Lord be in your hearts, and upon your lips, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.:R. Amen.:V. Peace.:R. Forever.


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