Iranian blogs

Iranian blogs

Blogging in Iran operates under special circumstances because the government restricts certain views. Blogs in general tend to be unregulated compared to other forms of expression in Iranian society. This characteristic can account for the huge popularity of blogs especially among Iranian youths. As of October 2005, there are estimated to be about 700,000 Iranian blogs (out of an estimated total of 100 million worldwide, of which about 40,000-110,000 are active, mostly written in Persian, the official language of Iran.

There are also many weblogs written by Iranians in English and other languages. Most of them, though, belong to expatriates who live in North America, Europe, Japan, etc. Blogs By Iranians and Iranians blogs] keeps a list of Iranian blogs written in English. Iran is the third largest country of bloggers.



* 7 September - Salman Jariri publishes the first Persian blog using manual coding. His posts have no direct links, no place for readers' comments.
* 25 September - Hossein Derakhshan, a former journalist at a reformist newspaper starts his blog using manual coding.
* 5 November - Hossein Derakhshan publishes instructions on "How to make a blog in Persian" using's free service, in response to readers' requests.


* 2 June - Cappuccino magazine is launched.
* 13 June - (The first free blog service in Persian) is launched by Ata Khalighi Sigaroudi [] , Behrang Fooladi and Sahand Ghanoon.


** 20 April - Sina Motallebi, journalist and blogger is arrested.
** 26 September - Cafe Blog opens in north of Tehran.
** 24 November - Mohammad Ali Abtahi, then Vice President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, starts Webnevesht, the first blog by a member of the Iranian cabinet.


* 16 January - Protesting MPs on sit-in start a weblog.
* 6 June - Persian Blogging festival starts.
* November - Iranian blogger Mojtaba Saminejad arrested for writing about the arrests of three other bloggers.


* 5 January - Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran's Chief prosecutor, ordered major ISPs to filter PersianBlog and other blogging service websites.
* 27 January/12 February - Iranian blogger Mojtaba Saminejad briefly released, then rearrested
* October Blog Herald estimate: 700,000 Iranian blogs, of which about 10% are active
* 13 September - Mojtaba Saminejad is released from prison, after serving term.
* 11 October - Blogging courses starts in the holy city of Qom, the traditional home of Iran's religious establishment. They are run by the newly-established office of religious weblog expansion. [ [,,1892562,00.html Iran's clerics caught up in blogging craze | Technology | The Guardian ] ]


* Persian language was listed by Technorati among 10 most common languages among bloggers. [ [ BBC Persian | وبلاگ بی بی سی فارسی | رشد وبلاگ نويسی در دنيا ] ]
* 14 August - President Ahmadinejad starts his multilingual blog with one long entry. [ [ BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran's president launches weblog ] ]
* December: Mehrnoush Najafi Ragheb won city council election in Hamedan.
* 4 December: Massoumeh Ebtekar, the first female vice president of Iran starts her blog in Persian.


* 24 December: Almost a year after starting her blog in Persian, Massoumeh Ebtekar starts her blog in English, under the title "Persian Paradox".


* [ Iranians' Blogs - A directory of Iranians' English Language blogs]
* [ Persian Blog]
* [ BlogFa]
* [ Blog Sky]
* [ Mihan Blog]
* [ Parsi blog]
* [ Social Network Of Iranian(persian) Bloggers]

Related books

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ee also

*Media of Iran
*Internet censorship in Iran

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