Bridgeport (disambiguation)

Bridgeport (disambiguation)

The name Bridgeport may refer:


In the United States of America:

* Bridgeport, Alabama
* Bridgeport, California, in Mono County
* Bridgeport, Nevada County, California
* Bridgeport, Connecticut - most populous Bridgeport in the US
* Greater Bridgeport, Connecticut
* Bridgeport, Illinois
* Bridgeport, Chicago, Illinois
* Bridgeport Township, Lawrence County, Illinois
* Bridgeport, Kentucky
* Bridgeport, Michigan
* Bridgeport Charter Township, Michigan
* Bridgeport, Nebraska
* Bridgeport, New Jersey
* Bridgeport, New York
* Bridgeport, Ohio
* Bridgeport, Union County, Ohio
* Bridgeport, Oklahoma
* Bridgeport, Pennsylvania
* Bridgeport, Texas
* Bridgeport, Utah
* Bridgeport, Washington
* Bridgeport, West Virginia
* Bridgeport, Wisconsin

Other uses

* Bridgeport Machines, Inc., a machine tools manufacturer
* Bridgeport Municipal Airport, in Wise County, Texas
* Bridgeport rig, a type of quick-draw gun holster
* Bridgeport Subdivision, a railroad line in the U.S. state of West Virginia
* University of Bridgeport, in Connecticut
* USS "Bridgeport", the name of three different ships of the United States Navy

ee also

* Bridgeport High School (disambiguation)
* Bridgeport station (disambiguation), one of several train stations in the US and Canada
* Bridport (disambiguation)

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