Democratic Popular Party (Spain)

Democratic Popular Party (Spain)
People's Democratic Party
Partido Demócrata Popular
Founded 1982
Dissolved 1989
Merged into People's Party
Ideology Christian democracy
Political position Centre-right

The People's Democratic Party (Spanish: Partido Demócrata Popular, PDP) was a christian-democratic Spanish political party.

It was part of the Democratic Centre Union until 1982, when it entered into alliance with the Popular Alliance (AP), which received the second largest number of votes in 1982 and 1986 elections.

In 1989 the party, along with the Popular Alliance and the Liberal Party (PL), merged with others to create the new Popular Party (PP).

The party President was Óscar Alzaga until 1986, then Javier Rupérez led the party into a merger with AP and PL. Jaime Mayor Oreja, now a leading PP politician, was a leading member of PDP.

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