Ma Liang (Three Kingdoms)

Ma Liang (Three Kingdoms)


Ma Liang (style name Jichang 季常; sometimes called Bomei 白眉 "White eyebrows") (186 - 222) was an advisor to the powerful warlord Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms era of China.

He was the fourth born of five sons in Yicheng, near Xiangyang on the Middle Yangtze River. Ma Liang was well-known in his hometown for his ability. He joined Liu Bei as an aide when he came to the small town of Xinye in the early 3rd century. During this time Ma Liang became good friends with Zhuge Liang and the two swore an oath of brothership. When Liu Bei left Jing Province to conquer Shu in 215, Ma Liang was left in the province as an advisor to the military general, Guan Yu. After the conquest was complete, Ma Liang was assigned to the department of the General of the Left (左將軍掾).

Like Zhuge Liang, Ma Liang was an advocate for maintenance of the alliance with Wu bordering Liu Bei's territories to the east. He was sent to Wu as diplomat and envoy on numerous occasions and is said to have gained the respect of Sun Quan, ruler of Eastern Wu. After Liu Bei declared himself emperor in 222, Ma Liang was made Palace Attendant. He accompanied the Shu expedition against Wu the following year. Ma Liang was sent as envoy to Wuling to seek allies among the barbarians of the Five Streams (五溪蠻夷) against Wu. The mission was successful, but when Liu Bei was disastrously defeated at the Battle of Yiling, Ma Liang was killed in the midst of battle as well.

His son was made Chief Commandant of Cavalry (騎都尉). His younger brother Ma Su continued his career in the Shu army.

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