Arete (disambiguation)

Arete (disambiguation)

Arete is the term meaning "virtue" or "excellence", from Greek Ἀρετή

Arete may also refer to:
*as a given name of persons or things:
**Queen Arete (mythology), a character in Homer's "Odyssey".
***197 Arete, an asteroid.
**Arete of Cyrene, a 4th-century BC Greek philosopher.
**Arete, daughter of Dionysius the Elder and wife of Dion of Syracuse.

*as a toponym, normally transliterated Areti:
**Areti, Cyclades, a village on the island of Milos, Cyclades
**Areti, Elis, a village in Elis
**Areti, Ioannina, a village in the Ioannina Prefecture
**Areti, Thessaloniki, a village in the Thessaloniki Prefecture

* "Arete (shrimp)", a genus of snapping shrimps.
*Arête, a thin ridge of rock that is formed by glaciers.
*"Areté", an arts magazine.
*A synonym for enlightenment in the role-playing game "".
*A form of political organization, available for "Runes of Kilmorph" civilizations in Fall from Heaven 2, a total conversion modification for Civilization IV.

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