Listen Up!

Listen Up!

"Listen Up is also the title of a song by British band Oasis"

"Listen Up is also the title of a song by Hoku"

"Listen Up!" was a short-lived CBS situation comedy that aired from September 20, 2004 until April 25, 2005. The sitcom was based loosely on the life and exploits of the popular sportswriter and sports-media personality Tony Kornheiser. Its principal executive producer was Jason Alexander, who was also the lead actor. Despite decent-to-good ratings, the show was cancelled by CBS on May 18, 2005; "rising production costs" was the major reason officially given for the cancellation. This led many people to blame "Listen Up!" 's failure on the so-called "Seinfeld Curse" (the notion that "Seinfeld"'s success had been so enormous, that its three supporting actors were doomed to never succeed as lead actors in their own respective t.v. shows). With one full season of 22 episodes, it was the longest running show of any of the "Seinfeld" cast members (until the hit Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom, CBS's The New Adventures of Old Christine, was renewed for its second season).

Cast members

Main characters


# Pilot (9/20/04)
# Hammer Time (9/27/04)
# Grandmaster of the Wolfhunt (10/4/04)
# Cool Jerk (10/11/04)
# Quest For Fire (10/18/04)
# Mickey Swallows a Bee (10/25/04)
# The Gift of the Ton-i (11/8/04)
# Sweet Charity (11/15/04)
# Thanksgiving (11/22/04)
# Mickey Without A Cause (11/29/04)
# Enemy at the Gates (12/13/04)
# Tony the Tiger (1/3/05)
# Snub Thy Neighbor (1/17/05)
# Weekend With Bernie (1/31/05)
# Inky Dinky Don't (2/7/05)
# Colon-Oopscopy (2/14/05)
# Tony Whine-Man (2/21/05)
# Couch Potato (3/7/05)
# Waiting for Kleinman (3/21/05)
# Check Mates (4/11/05)
# Ebony and Irony (4/18/05)
# Last Vegas (4/25/05)


*The original title of the show was "Shut Up and Listen".

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