BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering

BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering

The BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering is the research group at The Institute of Infrastructure and Environment, University of Edinburgh conducting research in fire, structures and environment.

The University of Edinburgh has a long tradition in Fire Protection Engineering research and education and is recognized internationally for its work over the last thirty years. The Centre is currently formed in association with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to integrate the resources of both institutions and provide a thrust for fire protection engineering research and education. It has a state-of-the-art experimental facility (the Rushbrook Fire Safety Laboratory) and staff whose expertise covers a wide range of subjects in Fire Safety.The Centre supports the Structural and Fire Safety Engineering degrees (BEng, MEng and MSc) as well as a number of short courses for professionals.

The Fire Research Centre is deeply involved in setting the direction for the Fire Safety Engineering practice.


8 academics (including Prof Jose L Torero, Prof Asif Usmani and Prof Drysdale), 6 Research Fellows, about 25 Postgraduate Researchers and a few Undergraduate Researchers.


* Structural Fire Engineering
* Fire Modelling
* Ignition and burning of solid fuels
* Large-scale fire experiments
* Concrete, Steel and wood response to fire
* Tunnel fires
* Subsurface fires
* Wildfires
* Smouldering combustion

Large-scale fire test

The Cardington tests were a series of large-scale fire tests conducted in 2000 real steel framed structure at the town of Cardington, UK.

The Dalmarnock tests were a series of fire experiments conducted in July 2006 in a real 1960’s concrete tower block in Dalmarnock, Glasgow, UK.


The Centre publishes more than 100 conference papers and a dozen peer-reviewed journal papers per year. Some of them can be publicly accessed via [ their Digital Repository] .

References and External Links

* [ Official Website of The BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering]
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* [ 'Skyscraper Fire Fighters' BBC Horizon TV show (aired on Tuesday 24th, 9pm in BBC_Two)] .

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