A League of Their Own (Static Shock)

A League of Their Own (Static Shock)

Infobox Television episode
Title =A League of Their Own
Series ="Static Shock"

Caption =Martian Manhunter, Static, and Gear
Season = 3
Episode = 30-31
Airdate =Part 1: 2003-03-01
Part 2: 2003-03-08
Production =Part 1: 34
Part 2:35
Writer =Part 1: Ernie Altbacker
Part 2: Dwayne McDuffie
Director =
Guests =
Episode list =List of Static Shock episodes
Prev =The Usual Suspect
Next =Showtime

A league of Their Own is a two part episode of "Static Shock", which crosses over with "Justice League".


A League of Their Own, part 1

A cosmic string strikes the Watchtower of the Justice League, draining them of their power, and sending them hurtling towards Earth. Meanwhile, Static and Gear are engaged with in a battle with Puff's group, "The Metamen." However, just when it seemed the two were outmatched, the Justice League appears and mops the floor with them. Batman explained that Static was needed in the watchtower, and after begging, Gear was permitted to come along as well. Static recharged the battery of the Watchtower, and was about to be sent home. However, a distress signal was picked up, and the League had to take off, leaving Static and Gear alone in the Watchtower. After a series of events that nearly wipe out Static and Gear, it is learned that Brainiac has taken over the Watchtower computers. Gear contacts the league to tell them that the distress signal was a fake, and the league turns around. Batman tells Static to drain the energy he put into the Watchtower. Brainiac resists, but Gear hooks Backpack to the Watchtower computer and downloads the same song millions of times, slowing Brainiac down. His last words were, "Lay the funk down." After Static and Gear returned to Earth, Virgil went home, and Richie was attacked by Backpack who had been taken over by Brainiac when he had hooked it up to the Watchtower computer. Part 1 of 2. (Superman and Wonder Woman do not make appearances in this episode.)

A League of Their Own, part 2

Richie has been acting strangely lately, unemotional and cold. Meanwhile, the league discovers there was a huge download from their system's computers, and The Flash is sent to Earth to find Gear to check out Backpack. When The Flash never reports back in, the rest of the League comes down to find Static. Static contacts Richie, who tells them to come to an abandoned factory. There, it's revealed that Flash is under mind control by Brainiac. He uses his superspeed to place mind-control disks on all the heroes, but Static's natural electrical field shorts it out. The League is sent out to get Static, but an electrical charge to each of them shorts out the mind-control disks, and the league is restored to their normal mindsets. Static says he heard Richie take control over Brainiac for a few moments and heard him say "control" over and over again. The Martian Manhunter says he heard the same thing telepathically. Batman sends Static away because he's too close to Gear to be objective, but Static figures out what Richie meant by "control." He returns to the Gas Station of Solitude and located the remote control that Gear uses to control Backpack. Returning to Brainiac, who has now built a massive robot that assimilates the planet's structures, turning them into data, he tells Batman that he knows how to defeat Brainiac. Batman and Static go in together, but are captured by Brainiac (Richie) himself and the remote is taken. Static zaps the remote and shuts off Backpack, shutting off Brainiac in the process as well. Richie is saved, and Brainiac appears to be gone for good.


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