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Name = Astray
Type = Album
Artist = Samiam

Released = August 29, 2000
Recorded = April & May 2000
Genre = Punk rock
Length = 44:00
Label = Hopeless Records / Burning Heart Records
Producer = Tim O'Heir
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
*Pitchfork Media (3.8/10) [ link]
* Rating|5|5 [ link] |
Last album = "You Are Freaking Me Out"
This album = "Astray"
Next album = "Whatever's Got You Down"

"Astray" is the sixth album from the American band, Samiam. Released in 2000 on Hopeless Records and Burning Heart Records.

Track listing

# "Sunshine"
# "Wisconsin"
# "Super Brava"
# "Mud Hill"
# "Paraffin"
# "Calloused"
# "Mexico"
# "Dull"
# "Curbside"
# "Bird Bath"
# "How Long"
# "Why Do We"


*Sean Kennerly (bass)
*James Brogan (guitar)
*Johnny Cruz (drums)
*Jason Beebout (vocals)
*Sergie Loobkoff (guitar)


quote = ...Good, quality power-pop from a group that means every chord it bashes out.
cite = CMJ (8/28/00, p.23)

quote = ...An untouchable punk rock pedigree....pop-speckled bittersweet hardcore executed with studied panache...
cite = NME (2/17/01, p.45)


*The music video for [ "Mud Hill"] (Track 4) was shot in the Van Nuys district.

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