Nielsen (crater)

Nielsen (crater)
Nielsen (crater)
Coordinates 31°48′N 51°48′W / 31.8°N 51.8°W / 31.8; -51.8Coordinates: 31°48′N 51°48′W / 31.8°N 51.8°W / 31.8; -51.8
Diameter 10 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 52° at sunrise
Eponym Axel V. Nielsen
Harald H. Nielsen

Nielsen is a lunar impact crater on the Oceanus Procellarum. It is located north-east of Montes Agricola on the western hemisphere of the Moon. To the east-southeast is the crater Wollaston.

Nielsen is a bowl-shaped formation that lies astride a small ridge that runs north-northwestwards towards the Mons Rümker. The latter is an unusual raised formation of lunar domes.

The crater is named jointly after the Danish astronomer Axel Nielsen (1902-1970) and the Danish–American physicist Harald Herborg Nielsen (1903-1973).


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