China Records

China Records
China Records in London (1986)

China Records was a record label founded October 1, 1984 by Derek Green. Its top-selling artists were Art of Noise, Morcheeba and The Levellers.

In 1986 and 1987, China Records releases were manufactured and marketed worldwide by Chrysalis Records, and then by Polydor Records in 1988 through 1990. From 1991 the labels UK releases were made and distributed by Pinnacle Records, with material being licensed to various other labels for international release. In February 1992 Derek Green quit the BPI over their stance on the independent chart, whilst the label distribution went major in 1997 when it was acquired by Warner Music. With this deal, China was distributed through Discovery Records in the US, and is now being distributed through Sire Records since Discovery folded. Overseas releases are handled primarily by Warner Manufacturing Europe.



  • Indochina Records - a dance offshoot featuring acts such as Morcheeba.


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