Emu (disambiguation)

Emu (disambiguation)

The Emu is a large, flightless bird.

Emu may also refer to:
* Emu (beer), a group of Western Australian beers (Emu Bitter, Emu Export and Emu Draught)
* Emu (journal) ("Emu - Austral Ornithology"), a scientific journal
* Emu (puppet), a puppet used by the late entertainer Rod Hull
* Emu Field (alternatively known as Emu or Emu Junction), the site of the first atomic weapons test on the Australian mainland
* Emu, palm wine in the Yoruba language
* The E-mu Emulator, a series of disk-based digital sampling keyboards manufactured by E-mu Systems
* E-mu Systems, a company in the digital audio business
* Emu Music, a record label that releases Christian music in Australia

EMU may stand for:
* One of several universities:
** Eastern Michigan University, United States
** Eastern Mennonite University, United States
** Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus
** Estonian University of Life Sciences (Eesti Maaülikool), a University in Estonia
* Economic and monetary union, a stage of economic integration
* European Monetary Union, an abbreviation of "Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union"
* Electric multiple unit, a type of train design
* Electric Multiple Unit (Citytrain), part of the Citytrain train fleet in Brisbane, Australia
* Electromagnetic unit, part of the cgs systems of units
* EMU connector or enhanced mini-USB, a type of hybrid electrical connector
* Evangelical Members within the Uniting Church in Australia, a conservative lobby group
* Extravehicular Mobility Unit in space transport, used for spacewalks

* e.MU, a Japanese music group

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