Savage (surname)

Savage (surname)

Savage is a family name that may refer to:

Art and music

* Anne Savage (1896–1971), Canadian painter and art teacher
* Anne Savage (DJ), UK hard dance DJ
* Augusta Savage (born 1892), African-American sculptor of the Harlem Renaissance
* Chantay Savage, R&B/dance singer
* Charles Roscoe Savage (1832–1909), British-born landscape and portrait photographer
* Eugene Francis Savage (1883-1966) [Jacobsen, Anita, "Jacobsen's Biographical Index of American Artists", Dallas, Texas, A.J. Publications, 2002, vol. 4, p 2835] [ [ Art Inventories Catalog of the Smithsonian American Art Museum] ] , an American painter
* Eugene Francis Savage (1883-1978) [Jacobsen, Anita, "Jacobsen's Biographical Index of American Artists", Dallas, Texas, A.J. Publications, 2002, vol. 4, p 2835] [ [ Art Inventories Catalog of the Smithsonian American Art Museum] ] , an American sculptor
* Paul Savage, drummer in the Scottish indie rock group The Delgados
* Matt Savage (born 1992), American autistic savant musician
* Matt Savage (musician) (born 1972), English actor and musician
* Rick Savage (born 1960), bassist and founder of the English rock band, Def Leppard
* Scott Savage, drummer
* William Savage (1720–1789), English composer, organist, and singer

Fictional people

* Bill Savage, fictional character in the comic, 2000 AD
* Doc Savage, fictional pulp hero of the 1930s and '40s
* Gary Savage (Deus Ex), fictional character of "Deus Ex"
* Patricia Savage, cousin of fictional hero Doc Savage
* Scandal Savage, daughter of the fictional Vandal Savage
* Vandal Savage, fictional supervillain in the DC Comics Universe

Film and television

* Adam Savage, American television co-host of "MythBusters"
* Andrea Savage (born 1975), American actress
* Ann Savage (born 1921), motion picture actress
* Ben Savage (born 1980), American film and TV actor
* Booth Savage, Canadian film actor
* Carrie Savage, American voice actor and actor
* Edward Savage (born 1989), English actor
* Fred Savage (born 1976), American actor and television director
* Herschel Savage (born 1955), American pornographic actor and director
* Mark Savage (born 1962), Australian film/television screenwriter and film director
* Stephanie Savage, producer of Wonderland Sound and Vision
* Tracie Savage (born 1962), American actress and journalist

Math and science

* George Savage (1842–1921), British physician
* James D. Savage, political science professor at the University of Virginia
* Leonard Jimmie Savage (1917–1971), American mathematician and statistician

Military and politics

* Alfred Savage (1903–1980), former colonial Governor of British Guiana
* Bruce Charles Savage (1906–1993), former United States Public Housing Authority Commissioner under President Dwight D. Eisenhower
* Ezra P. Savage (1842–1920), American politician and 16th governor of Nebraska
* Gus Savage (born 1925), former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives
* Jim Savage
* M. Susan Savage (born 1952), American Democratic politician and 29th Secretary of State of Oklahoma
* Martin Savage (1898–1919), Officer in the Dublin Brigade of the Irish Republican Army
* Michael Joseph Savage (1872–1940), first Labour Party prime minister of New Zealand
* Richard Savage, 4th Earl Rivers (c. 1660–1712)
* Russell Savage, former independent member for the Victorian Legislative seat of Mildura
* Seán Savage (1965–1988), member (volunteer) of the Provisional Irish Republican Army
* William Alfred Savage (1912–1942), English Able Seaman in the Royal Navy and recipient of the Victoria Cross


* Alan Savage, chairman of Scottish Premier League team, Inverness Caledonian Thistle
* Bas Savage (born 1982), professional English footballer
* Brian Savage (born 1971), retired Canadian professional ice hockey left winger
* Dutch Savage, former professional wrestler
* Gary Savage (born 1978), South African-born Argentine cricketer
* Jack Savage, former Major League Baseball pitcher
* Joel Savage (born 1969), retired professional ice hockey player
* Josh Savage (born 1980), American football defensive lineman
* Phil Savage (born 1965), Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Cleveland Browns
* Randy Savage (born 1952), professional American wrestler
* Reggie Savage (born 1970), former Canadian ice hockey player
* Robbie Savage (born 1974), professional footballer
* Robert Savage (footballer) (born 1912), former English footballer for Liverpool
* Robbie Savage (footballer born 1960)), English footballer who played as a midfielder
* Swede Savage (1946–1973), American race car driver
* Matt Savage, 2007 NCAA Men's Golf Champion. Played for Stanford.


* Candace Savage, Canadian nature writer
* Charlie Savage, newspaper reporter
* Dan Savage, sex advice columnist
* Jon Savage (born 1953), writer, broadcaster and music journalist
* Marshall Savage, advocate of space travel and founder of the Living Universe Foundation
* Philip Henry Savage (1868-1899) poet, son of Minot Judson Savage
* Richard Savage (c.1697–1743), English poet


* Al Savage, retired public transit manager
* Edwin Sidney Savage (1862–1947), English clergyman
* John Savage (disambiguation)
* Levi Savage Jr. (1820–1910), prominent figure in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Matt Savage (poker), American poker tournament director
* Michael Savage
* Minot Judson Savage (1841–1918), American Unitarian minister and author
* R. Hyrum Savage (born 1973), RPG designer
* Robert Savage (born 1931), former head of American Express
* Thomas Savage (1463–1508), English clergyman

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