Calvaria (skull)

Calvaria (skull)

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  • Calvaria — can refer to any of the following: * Latin name of Calvary, the site of Jesus s crucifixion * Kalwaria or Kalvarija, towns named after Calvary * A portion of the skull lacking the mandible and the face. The plural is calvariae . See calvaria… …   Wikipedia

  • calvaria — The upper domelike portion of the skull. SYN: roof of skull, skullcap. [L. a skull] * * * cal·var·ia kal var ē ə n, pl i·ae ē .ē, ē .ī CALVARIUM * * * n. the vault of the skul …   Medical dictionary

  • Skull — The skull is a collection of bones which encase the brain and give form to the head and face. The bones of the skull include the following: the frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal, sphenoid, ethmoid, zygomatic, maxilla, nasal, vomer, palatine …   Medical dictionary

  • skull — n. the skeleton of the head and face, which is made up of 22 bones. It can be divided into the cranium, which encloses the brain, and the face (including the lower jaw (mandible)). The cranium consists of eight bones. The frontal, parietals (two) …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • calvaria — noun The dome or roof of the skull …   Wiktionary

  • calvaria — n. dome of the skull (Anatomy) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • calvaria — n. the vault of the skull …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • calvaria — /kælˈvɛəriə/ (say kal vairreeuh) noun the dome of the skull. {Latin. See Calvary} …   Australian English dictionary

  • calvaria — noun the dome of the skull • Syn: ↑skullcap • Hypernyms: ↑bone, ↑os • Part Holonyms: ↑cranium, ↑braincase, ↑brainpan …   Useful english dictionary

  • roof of skull — calvaria …   Medical dictionary

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