South Bank (disambiguation)

South Bank (disambiguation)

As a reference for a financial Bank from the South:

*Bank of the South A monetary fund and lending organization in South America.

The south bank of a river is the side lying to the south. As a name, South Bank or Southbank may refer to:

* The South Bank, an area of London on the southern bank of the Thames

Elsewhere in England
* South Bank, Middlesbrough, an area of Middlesbrough on the southern bank of the Tees
**South Bank railway station in Middlesbrough
* South Bank, York, an area of York on the southern bank of the River Ouse
* London South Bank University

In Australia
* South Bank, Queensland, the area on the southern bank of the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Queensland
* South Bank Parklands, Brisbane, Parklands which have been developed on the former Expo '88 site in Brisbane, Queensland
* Southbank, Victoria, a densely populated inner city suburb on the southern bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Victoria

In Entertainment
* The South Bank Show, an award-winning television arts magazine show, made by London Weekend Television

ee also

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*Left Bank
*Right Bank

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