Channel V

Channel V
Channel [V]
Channel V Logo.svg
Channel [V] Logo
Launched May 23, 1994
Owned by STAR TV
Fox International Channels

(fully owned companies of News Corporation)

Picture format 480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan [V] Plays Music
Country Hong Kong and International
Broadcast area Hong Kong and International
Headquarters Hong Kong and International
Website Official website
Skynindo (Indonesia) Channel [V] International Channel ???
Big TV (India) Channel [V] India
Channel 3460
CBTV Sat (China) Channel [V] Mainland China Channel 502
Airtel Digital TV (India) Channel [V] India
Channel 381
Dish TV (India) Channel [V] India
Channel 317
Sun Direct TV (India) Channel [V] India
Channel 39
TATA Sky (India) Channel [V] India
Channel 701
K+ (Vietnam) Channel [V] International
Channel 64
Indovision (Indonesia) Channel [V] International
Channel 272
Channel [V] India
Channel 273
Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 274
TelkomVision (Indonesia) Channel [V] International Channel 302
Skywave TV (Macau) Channel [V] Mainland China Channel 44
ADD (Middle East) Channel [V] International Channel 1706
Channel [V] India
Channel 1703
TopTV (South Africa) Channel [V] India, Channel 373
Aora TV (Indonesia) Channel [V] International
Channel 306
Dish Network (USA) Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 729
TrueVisions (Thailand) Channel [V] Thailand
Channel 84
Home TV (Nepal) Channel [V] India
Channel 701
CET Teleport (Europe) Channel [V] India
Channel 1204
Videocon D2H (India) Channel [V] India
Channel 16
Austar Digital (Australia) Channel [V] Australia Channel 801
Foxtel Digital (Australia) Channel [V] Australia Channel 801
UCS (Bangladesh) Channel [V] India
Channel 57
Rogers Cable (Canada) Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 821
Shaw Cable (Canada) Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 523
Global Cable (China) Channel [V] International Channel ???
First Media (Indonesia) Channel [V] International Channel 225
Macau CATV (Macau) Channel [V] International Channel 73
Channel [V] Mainland China Channel 74
MediaNet (Maldives) Channel [V] India Channel 650
Channel [V] International Channel 552
Cable Star Iloilo (Philippines) Channel [V] Philippines Channel 71
Global Destiny Cable (Philippines) Channel [V] Philippines Channel 46
SkyCable (Philippines) Channel [V] Philippines Channel 25
SPC-New World Cable TV (Philippines) Channel [V] Philippines Channel 54
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel [V] International Channel 531
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel [V] Mainland China Channel 848
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 847
TrueVisions (Thailand) Channel [V] Thailand
Channel 31
Hanoi Cable Television (HCaTV) (Vietnam) Channel [V] International Channel ???
Ho Chi Minh city cable television (HTVC) (Vietnam) Channel [V] International Channel 64
SCTV (Vietnam) Channel [V] International
Channel 57 (Analog)
Bell Fibe TV (Canada) Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 707
Now TV (Hong Kong) Channel [V] International Channel 555
Now TV (Hong Kong) Channel [V] Mainland China Channel 556
Now TV (Hong Kong) Channel [V] India
Channel 796
Now TV (Hong Kong) Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 557
MTNL IPTV (India) Channel [V] India
Channel 31
IndosatM2 (Indonesia) Channel [V] International Channel 150
Kylin TV (USA) Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 729
PTCL Smart TV (Pakistan) Channel [V] International
Channel ???
UniFi (Malaysia) Channel [V] Taiwan
Channel 152
UniFi (Malaysia) Channel [V] India
Channel 198
Internet television
PLDT My DSL (Watchpad) (Philippines) Channel [V] Philippines
Channel 1003
M2V Mobile TV (Indonesia) Channel [V] International
Channel 0004

Channel [V] is the brand name for multiple international music television networks owned by STAR TV and Fox International Channels, fully owned subsidiaries of News Corporation.[1]


Channel [V] International

Channel [V] International is flagship of the Channel [V] network. It was founded after MTV Asia parted ways with the STAR TV Network. It was produced and operated from Hong Kong from 1 January 1994 until 1 January 2002, after which operations were shifted to Malaysia with some aspects still operating in Hong Kong. Since 1 January 2008, Channel [V] International has moved back to original studio in Hong Kong, which is also the same studio of Channel V China, Taiwan and India.

Current VJs

  • Alvey Pulga
  • Lisa S.
  • Tom Price
  • Cara Grogan
  • Cliff Ho
  • Georgina Wilson
  • Matt Bailey

Former VJs


  • "You're In It" - 1995 to 2000
  • "Music and So Much More" - 2000 to 2008
  • "[V] Plays Music" - Now

Channel [V] Australia

Channel [V] Australia is the Australian affiliate of Channel [V] It is available on Foxtel, Optus TV and Austar satellite and cable services. Unlike the other Channel [V] affiliates, Channel [V] Australia is owned by XYZnetworks, not STAR, and uses the name under license.

[V] Hits

[V] Hits is the sister station of Channel [V] Australia, focusing more on Chart/Hit music 24/7 without TV Shows. It was formally known as Club [V] until January 12, 2007, and Channel [V] 2 until November 15, 2009. [V] Hits plays such countdowns as US 22, UK 22, Top 10 Theme, iTunes Top 50 and Twin Action.

Current VJ's

Former VJ's

Current Shows

  • The Riff

Channel [V] India

Channel [V] India is the Indian affiliate of Channel [V].

Current Shows

  • [V] A List
  • [V] Adam VS Madam
  • [V] Bollytics
  • [V] Bollywood Tashan
  • [V] Dare 2 Date
  • [V] Get Gorgeous
  • [V] Lola Sunday
  • [V] Love Net
  • [V] News flush
  • [V] R Family
  • [V] Zabardast Hits
  • [V] Beauty and the Geek
  • [V] Axe Ur Ex
  • [V] Behind the Sins
  • [V] Bollywood OMG
  • [V] Campus Blogs 2
  • [V] Dil Dosti Dance
  • [V] Date My Folks
  • [V] Deadly Dus 2
  • [V] Footloose
  • [V] Humse Hai Life
  • [V] Love Kiya Toh Darna Kya
  • [V] Love Net Season 2
  • [V] Ye Parindey
  • [V] Perfect Couple
  • [V] Roomies
  • [V] Truth Love Cash2
  • [V] U R Fired
  • [V] Vella Boys
  • [V] Simpoo
  • [V] VJs

Former Shows

  • By Demand
  • Bolly [V]
  • Fashion Police
  • First Day First Show
  • Flashback
  • Fresh [V]video
  • Get Gorgeous
  • House of Noise
  • Jammin'
  • Late Night [V]
  • Lola Gk
  • Mangta Hai
  • [V] Aditya's Playlist
  • [V] Dares U
  • [V] Challenge
  • [V] Cool Maal
  • [V] Good Morning
  • [V] Latesht
  • Oye!
  • Patli Galli
  • Nach Le
  • Rewind
  • Speak Easy
  • Sophia's Choice
  • The Juice
  • The Ticket
  • Tony B Show
  • [V] Next Big Thing
  • [V] Pakao
  • [V] People
  • [V] Launch Pad
  • Very [V]
  • [V] Full On

Current VJs

Former VJs

Former Executive Producers

  • Jules Fuller
  • Puneet Sira
  • Rohit Vaid
  • Anirban Bhattacharyya

Channel [V] Thailand

Channel [V] Thailand is a music channel in Thailand and is the Thai affiliate of Channel [V]. It is a joint-venture between STAR TV, GMM Media and TrueVisions.[2]

Current VJ's

  • VJ Ake
  • VJ Alex
  • VJ Bank
  • VJ Bas
  • VJ Ja
  • VJ Khwan
  • VJ Louk-Ked
  • VJ Michael
  • VJ Mike
  • VJ Paula
  • VJ Pitta
  • VJ Woonsen
  • VJ Both
  • VJ Sai
  • VJ Yeepun
  • VJ Emmy
  • VJ Auu
  • VJ Baitoey
  • VJ Belle
  • VJ Fifa
  • VJ Mato
  • VJ Ink

Current Shows

  • Khon Du Pen Yai (Live)
  • I Am Siam (Live)
  • [V] Life Begins (Live)
  • [V] Japan Bravo (Live)
  • [V] 365 Music
  • [V] Boutique
  • [V] Countdown
  • [V] Covery
  • [V] News
  • [V] Play & Learn
  • [V] REDioactive
  • [V] Tunes
  • [V] Vote
  • Asian Chart
  • Asian Hero
  • Club [V]
  • Melosamosorn
  • Siam Top 20
  • The Record Shop
  • The Ticket
  • To Ma Dauy Kan
  • Zog Zag

Studio and Office

The new studio of Channel [V] Thailand name is "[V] Spot" located in Siam Discovery shopping center.

Channel [V] Philippines

Channel [V] Philippines is the Philippine affiliate of Channel [V]. This channel was a joint venture with STAR TV and TV Xtreme Broadcasting Company (formerly Makisig Network) as a new network provider on March 1, 2009.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

Current VJs

Current Shows

  • Bente Uno
  • Hits All You Can
  • [V] Tunes Pinas
  • [V]'d Out
  • In Command
  • Backtrack Pinas
  • Sound Reel
  • Dyip Ni Juan

Channel [V] Korea

Channel V Korea is the South Korean affiliate of Channel [V] launched on June 16, 2001. The channel is 67% owned by DoReMi Media. The channel was temporary shutdown on December 31, 2008.[clarification needed]

Current Shows

  • A Li[V]e
  • Bowwow
  • Freestyle
  • Inside Cinema
  • J-Pop Zone
  • K-Pop 90's
  • Korean [V] Countdown
  • Opentalk
  • Pop Planet
  • Spirits Gayo
  • Starscope
  • Theme Music
  • Writer Talk

Channel [V] Mainland China

Channel [V] Mainland China is the Chinese affiliate of Channel [V]. It is broadcast free-to-air on AsiaSat 3S. Channel [V] switches between Simplified and Traditional Chinese with selected Channel [V] International programs airing with Chinese subtitles.

Current Shows

Current VJs

  • Nic Li

Current Channel V International VJ seen on V China

  • Dominic Lau
  • Lisa S.

Former VJs

Channel [V] Taiwan

Channel [V] Taiwan is the Taiwanese affiliate of Channel [V]. It started operating in Taiwan in 1994. Channel V Taiwan is now reaching not only in Taiwan, but also for viewers in Singapore, Hong Kong and in Taiwanese communities in US.[12][13] Apart from music programs, the channel also hosts animation, talk shows, television serial programs.

Current Shows

  • I love blacklolipop (我愛黑澀棒棒堂)
  • Fashion In House (流行 in HOUSE)
  • Music Billboard Top 20 (音樂飆榜)
  • Music Billboard Top 20 Annual Awards Concert (音樂飆榜頒獎演唱會)
  • Campus park (校園四賤客)
  • Pop Zone (VJ普普風)
  • Gibar animation
  • [V] Guests ([V]接客)
  • Enertainment NP3 (娛樂NP3)

Past Shows

  • Circus Action
  • Bikini Runway (無敵青春客)
  • Na Li Wu Da Kung (哪裡五打抗)
  • Mei Mei Pop Zone (美眉普普風)
  • Blackie's Teenage Club (我愛黑澀會)
  • Welcome Aliens (Welcome!外星人)
  • Lollipop! Na Li Pa (LOLLIPOP! 哪裡怕)
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Mou Fan Bang Bang Tang(模范棒棒堂)


Current VJs

  • Candice Liu Rong Jia (劉容嘉)
  • Lu Jia Yi (路嘉怡)
  • Henry
  • Xiao Xiang(趙延慶)
  • Da Ya/Zhou Yi Jun (大牙/周怡君)
  • Blackie(黑人)
  • Fan Fan (范范/范瑋琪)

Former VJs

Channel [V] Shows

See also


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